Yes We Hate You

This post is address to all men who are punters or want-to-be punters.

This is a post saying our hate, this is not a love letter.

I see you in all your cowardice, all your hatred of women, all wanting power without working for it.

I know you imagine you are a sex god, that your hands, your tongue, your penis is the source of all pleasure.

You are nothing to me.

I may of fake pleasure to keep safe.

I may of painted a smile on my face.

i may even of said you are the best.

Well, I was lying – inside I nothing but hate for you.

You thought you brought my soul, you nowhere near it.

However much you fuck me, however much you torture me, however you stripped of humanity – you never reach into my soul.

Yes, I was terrified often, yes I would cum even I knew I wanted to not know I existed.

But, you never knew me.

You saw a whore with no past and no future.

You saw a whore who only present was being fucked over and over and over.

You only saw a sex doll with no emotions who perform tricks for you.

Well this doll hate you with every cell of her body.

You paid to rape, you paid to torture – you are just scum, who should be in prison not free as a bird.

I hope you rot in your own poison.


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