More on the Lies of ECP

I have been reading the public writings of ECP, especially their so-called facts and myth-busting.

I will write to the most common views that ECP put across and say why they are untrue, and often very damaging to the prostituted class.


ECP claim that trafficking is not connected to prostitution, and that to make that connection is endorse racist laws and policing.

They claim that trafficking is just the narrow description of being violently moved from country to country – this includes being in forced or bonded labour, abduction, kidnapping, false imprisonment, rape, GBH and extortion.

Note it excludes internal trafficking, the mental breaking down of the prostituted by mental abuse and constant threats, or breaking down by moving the prostituted woman or girl to many aspects of the sex trade.

Note that they also exclude child sexual exploitation as separate from being prostituted – even when there clear evidence that most of under-aged prostituted girls were in conditions of trafficking.

What else is it when a young teenage girl is persuaded or coerced by a “boyfriend” into having sex with strangers in exchange for money?

We must not have a narrow definition of trafficking – a definition that excludes the under-aged, exclude women and girls who are middle-class, exclude prostituted women who appear to be safe.

Most prostitution is the conditions of trafficking.

All the prostituted are stripped of the basic human rights to safety and the right to have access to full and free consent.

For to be prostituted, is to live under the constant threats and reality that punters will be violent at any time and in place – and no prostitute is given the right to a safe space whilst punters have the entitlement to view her as sub-human sexual goods.

In that environment, all the prostituted are in a reality of serial raping, reality of all forms of torturing, and  a reality of being made to disappear.

All that is the conditions of trafficking.

ECP ignores the violence of punters, so no wonder they have such a narrow definition of trafficking – no wonder they abandoned the prostituted to punters and their violence.


ECP claim that the majority of the prostituted enter when they are 19, and under-aged prostitution is rare.

This is not true and is a lie which is used to hide the hate and violence of punters,or at the minimum the fact that most punters consume the young not caring about her mental and physical welfare.

The dismissal of under-aged prostitution proves that ECP fights for the interests of sex trade profiteers and punters, and not the welfare of the prostituted.

Punters want the sex trade to provide them with fresh young prostituted girls, for it fits into their self-image as conquerors and virgin-breakers.

The sex trade is all about breaking down vulnerable girls to mould them into the Whore who has no rights left.

ECP make under-aged prostitution invisible coz they refuse to say that prostitution is a human rights issues.

Instead by saying it only adult women who can be prostituted – in their fantasy, these women would be in control of how punters behave, and would have freely chosen to be prostituted – it is just a simple labour issue.

Yet again ECP betrays the prostituted in order to protect punters and sex trade profiteeers.


ECP appears to believe that prostituted women and girls do not get trauma from being brought and sold as sexual goods.

Wow, it seems they refuse to the multiple voices and evidence of exited women.

It is know that to be raped once is usually traumatic – so to be living with years of being serially raped somehow has no effect.

It is known living with a partner who batter you is traumatic – but living in an environment where punters have free rein to torture and bring you constantly to near-death, that is not traumatic.

That is the logic of ECP.

ECP refuse to speak to dissociation that  is the normal reaction of the prostituted to living inside rape after rape after rape after rape.

Most punters do not not just rape, they sexually torture the prostituted.

To survive, it is vital to close down, to be a robot and to be the living dead.

To get through prostitution with some sanity, dissociation is a vital tool, but if  the prostitute is lucky enough to exit the unfreezing of that dissociation leads to extreme complex trauma.

Most exited women take months if not years to get back true emotions, get back the route back to being a full human – it only then that the impact of surviving torture hits them.

That is when trauma hits us hard.

Prostitution as an institution is creating this trauma – for its purpose is make the prostituted so sub-human that all sexual/mental/physical can be done to them with no consequences.

For ECP to ignore trauma is sick and yet again a deep betrayal of the prostituted.


That would appear the purpose of ECP to make all suggestion that punters are violent and that punters should centred when discussing the harms done to the prostituted.

ECP will speak to any and everything but any chat that punters choose to rape, choose to make the prostituted sub-humans, choose to torture, choose to mentally abuse – and choose to throw away the prostituted.

ECP speaks to the violence of the police, speaks to the violence of laws that may criminalise the consumers of the prostitued, speak to how stigma may increase violence to the prostituted.

But they say nothing of how punters pay to rape, pay to torture, and pay to make the prostituted into his living porn-doll.

Instead ECP speak as if punters can be respectful to the prostituted, and would report any violence if he was not made a criminal.

Well to think you entitled to buy another human for your sexual greed – well, that means you are a criminal.

You are a rapist, for money is not consent.

All punters can choose never to consume the prostituted again.

Why do we make excuses for punters – when we say it is wrong to rape, wrong to batter, wrong to mentally abuse, wrong to murder – but it somehow ok when it is framed prostitution.


ECP appears to framed the only bad push into prostitution is poverty, and seemed to think it just under the Tories that this negative push can be discuss.

This dismisses so many of the prostituted who may of entered the sex trade for multiple and varied vulnerabilities and pushes.

This dismisses that sex trade thrives no matter what the economic conditions, or the political system there is.

The sex trade adapts to all conditions, for it purpose is to make huge profits by providing markets for all men who choose to be punters or consumers of the sex trade.

To provide that markets, sex trade profiteers look for vulnerable girls from all backgrounds, all cultures, all classes – the sex trade can break any female who has previous vulnerabilities to become sub-human sexual goods.

The pushes into the sex trade can be previous mental/physical/sexual abuse, lack of access having trust and love from others, racism, poverty, natural/man-made disasters including wars, famine or recession, and endless other pushes.

Sex trade profiteers will make a market for any porn fantasy that punters have, so when you think you can define who will be prostituted, think of the opposite and both will exist.


I will stop here, hope this is helpful.




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