ECP Don’t Do Debates

This post is about how ECP do not debate when speaking to the Nordic Model,  but manipulate and spread propaganda.

I will focus mainly how they use these so-call debates to mentally abuse and undermine exited women – especially when we dare be on the same panel as them.

I write this as a warning, as clues to how to deal with their lies, propaganda and nonsense.

I write this to say we should carefully about debating with a group who is allowing the genocide of the prostituted to be invisible, especially when they so few and completely misrepresent what it is to be prostituted.

I will to their repeated arguments and point of view – warning I find it very not to be cynical, or turn to dark humour for most of what they speak to is such an upside-down image of prostitution.

I will try to tone down my fury, my sense of sickness, and my wanting to laugh from a place of deep pain and grief at their points.

But my exited Self reacts with shock, anger and despair that ECP are even seen as legitimate enough to all over the media, at most Leftist discussion about prostitution and the representatives of the prostituted.

It is like the National Union of Miners was run by Margaret Thatcher – for ECP is the voice of punters and sex trade profiteers – is the voice that constantly betrayed the prostituted and ignores all male violence done to prostituted.

ECP constantly say the only push into prostitution that matters is poverty.

They use this to paint a picture that it just the fault of current government and current recession.

They refuse to discuss internal trafficking, any form of trafficking not connected to poverty, previous sexual/mental/physical abuse, peer pressure, or anything outside a narrow economic push into the sex trade.

They do not seem to think that internal trafficking can be connected to prostitution, instead they say it child sexual exploitation and not never should call prostitution.

Even when the girls are recruited into prostitution, paid for sex by many strangers. Even when they are clearly being pimped out – ECP refuse to have it called prostitution.

ECP may included an extremely narrow definition of trafficking as prostitution.

Usually this from a poor country to a rich country, and it done with extreme mental, sexual and physical violence to control the women.

This image of trafficking is so narrow, and excludes the vast of women and girls trafficked into the sex trade.

But, ECP do not speak to even narrow version of trafficking from a place of compassion or empathy, but just as a tool to attack any changes in the status quo of the sex trade.

ECP claim that trafficking is rare, and is used as an excuse to force immigrants out and is racist thinking.

Remember ECP love to guilt-trip the audience, so this argument often works, without facts to back it up.

No Lefist, no liberal wants to label as racist, so even a hint that they might makes the audience stop listening with a clear critical ear.

Who needs facts or evidence, when you can guilt-trip?

Another classic of ECP is to totally ignore any suggestion that cause and root of the harms done to the prostituted is male violence, especially punter violence.

ECP make out that male violence is rare, and if prostituted women were more in control, they would spot the bad punters and could refuse them.

Wow, what a fantasy, or more likely the genuine voice of punters and sex trade profiteers.

Punters want it to believed that they are respectful to the prostituted, and would never abuse her.

Punters lie like they breathe.

Most punters know they are paying to be violent as they want with no consequences.

Punters know they are rapists, know they ignore that the prostituted cannot give full consent – they just don’t care.

ECP say punters would report trafficking, report under-aged prostitution, report violence if they were not in fear of being seen as criminals.

Ha! That is a sick fantasy.

Punters don’t care if the prostituted are covered with injuries, if the prostituted are clearly disassociated, if the prostituted have many track lines from drug addiction, have a pimp controlling her, is obviously under- age.

No most punters are thrilled at fucking a prostituted who is clearly damage, without access to safety, with lack of knowledge of the local language, or young so he pretend he can break her.

Punters want to feel that power, want to break down the prostituted, want to do the prostituted what he would do to “real” women – for all punters make the prostituted sub-human and into his porn-doll.

That is what ECP refuse to be seen and known.

Personally, I hate ECP and everything it stand for.

It takes a lot of experience of their mental abuse, their spreading of sex trade propaganda and their making exited women into sub-humans – for me to reach this place of hate.

ECP are not innocent as they allow this destruction of the prostituted, they are a major part of the problem.

As long as ECP speaks the words of punters and sex profiteers, they are allowing the genocide of the prostituted to continue.

That is unforgivable.

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