Left Unity Talk

Thanks for inviting me to speak to you. I am speaking as an exited woman who fight for abolition.

I only did indoors prostitution – such as inside clubs, escorting and girlfriend experience. All this is portrayed by the sex work as safe – or at least safe enough to be in the public gaze.

I was prostituted between the ages of 14 to 27. I speak to my truths, and my many connections on international level with exited women.

To understand what it is to be prostituted, we must look at the concept of choice with a clear eye. The sex work lobby want only speak to prostituted women when speaking to choice.

They purposely make invisible the choice of punters and sex trade profiteers, and therefore make all male violence to the prostituted invisible.

The prostituted are stripped of all access to free and full choice.

The average age that a female enters the sex trade – usually after or during sexual, mental and or physical abuse.

Many women who enter the sex trade do so out poverty or lack of access to education or employment.

Most women inside prostitution have multiple vulnerabilities and pushes into the sex trade – none of which can be framed as free choices.

On the other hand, punters can and do freely choose whether or not to buy another human for his sexual greed and entitlement. Punters have the free choice to be as violence as his porn dreams make him.

For in the punter’s mind, he is not buying a full human being with rights to safety and dignity – he is buying sexual goods to own, to control and to throw away.

Punters are paying to rape, punters are paying to torture, and punters can pay to make the prostituted disappear.

This is why no aspect of prostitution can made safe, and why exited fight so passionately for abolition not harm reduction, not decriminalisation or other ways of keeping the status quo for sex trade profiteers.

All punters have the knowledge that they owned and controlled the prostituted, and in that environment he can as violence as he wishes with no consequence.

The sex trade as an institution is highly skilled at making all damages done to the prostituted vanish.

It is the norm in the sex trade, for the prostituted women and girls to just disappear. Many are murdered, and their bodies thrown away.

Many are forced into other aspects of the sex trade, often porn – usually more threatening and violent as a punishment or a way to break her down.

I, and all the exited women I know, live inside extreme violence. We are know of prostituted women and girls or were made to disappear. Every time we speak out, we hold these Sisters in our hearts, as we promise them to stop other females going through that hell.

This is an invisible genocide. It is made invisible for as many prostituted women and girls disappear, they are replace with yet more vulnerable females.

This is a human rights emergency, not a labour issue.

What saddened many exited women, is how too many of the Left have fallen for the propaganda of the sex work lobby.

Prostitution is capitalism in its rawest form. The purpose of prostitution is to make a huge profit by making mainly women and girls into sub-human sexual goods.

These goods are sold to punters who have the entitlement to own, control and damage them as much as they can afford. There no interest in the physical and mental welfare of the prostituted.

How can say you against capitalism and back the sex work lobby?

That is a deep betrayal of the prostituted.

Exited women see the Nordic Model as the first step to getting full human rights and dignity for all the prostituted.

We must hold punters and sex trade profiteers accountable for the destruction of the prostituted..

We must decriminalise the prostituted, whilst setting up long-term holistic exiting programmes for the prostituted who want to leave.

It would be good if we fined punters at least 10% of their wages or benefits. If he can afford to pay for sex, he can afford that fine. Punters who repeated offenders or use extreme violence should be imprisoned, as should all sex trade profiteers.

It would be good if the fines were used to fund all exiting programmes, and used for reparations for all the mental and physical damages done to the prostituted.

All exiting programmes should informed and hopefully run by exited women.

They should provide more than just economic help and advice, more than harm reduction advice, more than just access to safe housing, jobs or access to education. All these are vital, but without long specialist therapy for complex trauma, we are just patching the prostituted not giving them back their full humanity.

We must fight to build a society and culture that cannot imagine why we thought prostitution was ever a good idea.

Listen to exited women, and think more radically.


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