Some Women Just Can’t Take It

One of the statement that the sex trade lobby repeats over and over and over and over again about exited women –

They were not suitable for sex work.

They did not have the mental strength to do the work.

They were men-haters so should be doing sex work in the first place.

They should of done some research before entering sex work.


Where do I start with such foolishness or such deep mental cruelty.

The sex work lobby appear to believe that there is some kind of training for prostitution.

That all that is needed is a strong will and awareness, and then the prostituted woman will be safe and happy.

The sex work lobby makes invisible that the cause of all harms done to the prostituted is by punters and sex trade profiteers.

Instead all the blame and guilt is placed on the prostituted for being “weak”.

Classic victim blaming is easier than looking at the punters and sex trade profiteers.

Blame the prostitute, then we can rest easy – especially as inside the blame is the concept that the prostituted can never be fully human.

So let’s look at the so-called weakness of the prostituted.

A typical line of the sex work lobby is the false idea that the prostituted will know and be able to stop violent punters.

The sex work peddle the line that there is only a few bad apples, that the majority of punters have respect for the prostituted, and would never cross her boundaries.

This shows the sex work are made up of mainly punters, sex trade profiteers and their academic allies – for this so far away from the reality of being inside prostitution.

Violent punters will not know the language of no, will not think buying the prostituted  means he can do whatever he wants – her consent is of no relevance.

Money or gifts is framed as consent – her will, her pain, her fear and her right to remain fully human is pushed away.

So how in that reality, does any prostituted woman have any control or ability to stop his violence.

The sex work have the theory that prostituted can and should access the punter, and turn him away if she has a gut reaction that he is the bad apple.

Ha! That is a sick joke.

It is extremely rare that punters look or act violent, even when they do it almost impossible for a prostituted woman to turn him away.

He is the consumer/customer, he must get what he has paid for – it is his right and entitlement.

For a prostitute to turn away a punter is to place in the line of danger, or to lose access to money.

A punter usually ignored her no, and may use it as an excuse to be more sadist, even to murder her for her moment of resistance.

It is common that prostituted who no too often, are sent to more dangerous aspects of prostitution as punishment.

It is a common ploy of the sex trade to punish prostituted women who dare to say no, by getting sadist punters in, usually gang rapes and extreme anal is used.

Saying no as a prostituted woman can be a death wish.

So how dare anyone call the prostituted weak!



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