Just Get Over It

Just get over it, is a refrain that all exited women know.

So think about that expression – who it is said to and why.

Would you say to a tortured political prisoner, would you say to soldier returning from wars?

No, but every day in every country it said to women and girls.

That is all women and girls, but my focus is targeted on exited prostituted women.

For numerous reason, we can’t just get over  – and if you had had six months of our lives, you may understand.

Get over it, is said by folk who claim endlessly that rape is the worse crime that is done to women. Said by those who see deaths of battered females outside the sex trade.

These same people refuse to see or know the lasting pain, grief and fear embedded in the bodies and minds of exited women.

Our rapes, our torturing and our deaths are made to no matter.

That we are allowed to fully exist is blown away in the wind.

See how there are no records of murders of the prostituted, see how we are framed as unrapeable, see behind the closed doors to the prostituted being made into living porn-dolls.

Think before you rape is the worse thing done to any woman, think if there may be a prostituted/exited woman listening.

What can she say then, without you switching off or turning it into a pity fest.

Can you really hear what it is to be rape so often that it become the norm?

Would you hear about how detachment, use of drugs/alcohol, acting hard, forcing all emotions out of your body is the normal way to deal with rapes with no end?

Do you really want to know that there no time for grief, anger, trauma or even sense of  self, when knowing there always another rapist/punter waiting his turn?

And can you hear that serial rapes is just the beginning of why we now have extreme complex trauma?

Do you want to know about the mental violence that imprisons the prostituted and exited women/girls?

The mental abuse that sex trade profiteers and their allies are experts at, the mental abuse that keeps reminding us we not allowed to be full human for our role is to sexual goods for punters to consume.

The mental abuse that said we can never truly leave the sex trade, it is branded on our body.

The mental abuse that states there no place for the prostituted outside the”family” of the sex trade, that we will always be rejected and deprised.

The mental abuse that attacks us as we strives to regain our lives and sanity.

This is the voices that say we are too damaged to fit into a world outside the sex trade.

Voices that question our sanity, that say we are liars, that speak loudly over and through us.

It is these voices that claim we hate other prostituted women – or in their language, sex worker.

We are called SWERFS, that is playing our self-hate and sense of despair that is inside our trauma.

And in their final hateful mental abuse, these people use the fact that most exited women have fragmented memories – see they don’t know facts, they must be lying or so mentally sick, there is no point in listening to exited women.

How should we just get over that mental violence?

My final point is we cannot get over how and why we were tortured till we became sub-human sex dolls for punters to pour all their porn hate into us.

Without justice and reparations that can never be got over.

I hear and see the echos of thousands of centuries of the prostituted being tortured and ignored.

We can never give them back their human rights to dignity, to safety, to hope, to a life worth more than just remembering to keep breathing.

But if we can make a future where no human anywhere is brought and sold for the “great” male orgasm, then maybe we are stepping on the road to justice and dignity for all the prostituted.

But for now, we need to see and know what torture means to the prostituted – and why it impossible to just get over it.

To be just raped is a relief to the prostituted, for most punters are not paying to do missionary sex.

Punters are paying to do whatever sadist porn-fuelled fantasy their money can buy.

They can do penis in the vagina sex with real women – prostituted women are there to fuck close to death, to humiliate, to degrade, to torture, to gang-rape, to film.

Every time a prostituted woman or girl is brought, she never know if she will be murder, torture, or just normal sex, or even if he just a talker.

She never is allowed safety, dignity or even the right to remember she is human.

Her role is to be his porn toy and then thrown away.

Bloody tell how you just get over that.

Go on, convince me, like you have convinced yourself.







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