How Long Do We Have To Wait

Today is again IWD, and again my prostituted Sisters are remaining in Hell.

It is the Hell of so many rapes that all emotions, all sense of having a skin or cells is gone.

It is the Hell of exiting but living in such complex and embedded trauma going to the deadness of being sexual goods seems inviting.

It is the Hell of knowing any violence done to your mind and body is made invisible, as punters lead everyday lives with no punishment or even a small piece of shame.

But it is meant to a celebration of being women and girls.

I refuse to celebrate or even give my energy to IWD when I feel, know and see my prostituted Sisters are abandoned.

This is a genocide, this is a massive human rights issue that is being ignored or made small enough to say it is nothinI cannot help my bitter tears and angry frustration that yet again my prostituted Sisters are left to drown as we celebrate womanhood.

We are made into the Other, the non-woman, the goods that are made fuckable but given no humanity.

We are excluded from the strike that is IWD as the sex trade is open as usual to rapes, to battering, to torture, to mental violence and to murder.

Our human rights cannot exist or be fought in a world that has made us sexual goods.

IWD does stop the endless billions of dollars, pounds or Euros flowing from our exploitation to sex trade profiteers.

IWD is full of rapes, gang-rapes, filmed rapes, child rapes of the prostituted in every continent.

There is not a moment on this day that a prostituted woman or girl is not raped.

And I am meant to celebrating womanhood with that knowledge eating my brain out.

IWD is ridden with mental, physical and sexual torturing of the prostituted women and girls.

There no part of the prostituted body that has a safe place, pain and degradation is her constant shadow.

How can I celebrate IWD when my prostituted body carries the grief, the terror and the remembrance of torture being the norm.

I celebrate into deep sickness, for where can that lack of justice or dignity go.

I say damned IWD if my prostituted Sisters are left to drown inside a genocide.

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