Look Back in Anger

The sex work lobby wants exited women to disappear into silence.

We will not, we will be loud, we will speak truth to power, we will not rest as we see the daily genocide of the prostituted.

Exited women are not meant to be here.

We are meant to be dead – or too damaged to speak out.

No-one is allowed to a witness to the conditions of prostitution.

That is the reality of how the sex trade has always worked, it destroyed all our humanity and power to express our truths.

But we are alive, we have keep our sanity, we are growing in our truth-speaking.

We know our past are the presents of far too many prostituted women and girls.

And we are angry.

We see and know the rooms, the streets, the brothels, the hotels, the flats, the cars, and endless sites that are prostituted Sisters are being destroyed in.

And we are angry.

We heard the endless whining excuses that punters makes for choosing to be sadists.

And we are angry.

We are surrounded by a society and culture that would rather hear the lies of punters and sex trade profiteers, than the simple truths of exited women.

And we are angry.

We are saddened as the language is change so much that all male violence to prostituted is made invisible.

As trafficking becomes so rare maybe it is not real.

As all internal trafficking vanishes into another space of child exploitation – leaving the prostituted abandoned.

As prostitution is rebranded as sex work, where rape, battery and murder becomes just the risk of the job.

As sex trade profiteers become businessmen, as punters become clients.

And we are angry.

As a wall of silence is created when even a mention of the conditions for the prostituted.

Whilst endless discussions of the “suffering” of punters is allowed.

As any harm done to prostituted is made to vanish as it framed as weakness of her character – never the fault of punters or the institution of the sex trade.

And we are angry.

Our fury is gaining ground – and now we are slowly chipping away at the structures of hate, violence and brainwashing that is the foundations of the sex trade.

We can and will knock the walls of Jericho.

For years, for the centuries, the rebellion of prostitution have been like water on granite – change and human rights slowly gain, only it seems nothing has change.

We must remember our past to understand our present, and build a better future.

The prostituted have always been silenced, for most of the history the prostituted had no voice, no access to record their truths without male translation.

No voice does not mean that the prostituted were contented, or there was ever an Golden Age for the prostituted.

Silence is not consent.

Silence is not acceptance.

Silence is having access to language stolen from an oppressed group.

In that silence, the prostituted class always found small spaces to rebel or to attempt to speak their truths.

This may of been stealing from the men that rape and torture them.

This may be writing diaries or memoirs naming the men that consume her.

This may be only having relationships with women or living alone.

This may by becoming a courtesan, and hoping to cling hold of some power and education.

But all rebellion of the prostitution was under the control and will of punters and sex trade profiteers.

All rebellion could be destroyed by male violence

All rebellious words could be censored or re-written to suit the interests of the sex trade.

To understand the past of the prostituted, we must learn to read between the line, listen for the small noises of their voices.

I know to have a future we must learn from our past.

History is never dead when there is no justice or freedom for the prostituted.



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