C’mon England

Yesterday I cried when I heard Ireland had got the Nordic Approach.

So England why are you still lagging behind?

I am tired of living in a country that makes invisible the slavery of the prostituted.

I am tired of living in a country that makes invisible that torture is happening in every place where prostitution is made normal.

Harm reduction is no answer, we cannot stop a genocide by placing bandages on the bleeding.

We must fight harder and with more energy for the Nordic Approach.

After all if Sweden, Norway, France, Canada, Northern Ireland and Ireland see the Nordic Approach as a logical approach – maybe we can stop burying our headers in the sand and think about real change.

I am sick of living in a culture that thinks prostitution is funny, that prostitution can made neat and tidy.

I am sick of the old refrain that prostitution has always been with us- there is no archaeological proof that is a fact.

But even if I thought there was some fragments of truth in that cliche – so what murder has always been with us, men have always raped women and children.

Do we just make they cultural choices to do nothing about murder, rape and child abuse when it occurs in the non-prostituted population?

Of course not – but we make all male violence to the prostituted invisible.

I refuse to accept that the country I happened to be born into be so chivalry about tossing away the human rights of the prostituted.

No, I want more from this country.

I want to see generations of English males to be in a culture where the concept of buying another human for sexual greed is seen as bizarre and an sickening act.

I want to live in a culture that knows prostitution can never be sex work.

A culture that knows that no amount of harm reduction will prevent punters from murdering, torturing, mentally abusing and serially raping the prostituted.

A culture that see that this male violence is no accident or sudden whim on a night out Р it is pre-planned and often organised.

I am exhausted by the constant excuses made for punters.

They are not lonely or unable to chat up “real women.

It is not ok to service disabled men with women from another oppressed class.

Prostitution does nothing to prevent rape of the non-prostituted or domestic violence.

There is no such thing as underground prostitution, for it always available to punters to find, so follow their trail.

All punters are violent, for they paying for the right to own and fully control the prostituted.

He is paying to rape without consequences.

He is paying to make another human in sub-human sexual goods.

He is paying to torture or murder, knowing the sex trade will clean it all away.

No punter is innocent. No punter can dare to reframed himself as a victim.

All punters are serious criminals.

So the Nordic Approach is logical- c’mon England get your act together.



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