Time of Untruths

We are under the oppression of having Trump as US President.

His philosophy is to tell as many untruths as possible until he has brainwash a nation to follow his way.

It is the philosophy of a pimp-thinker.

So in these Trump years, what hope is there for liberation for the prostituted.

Trump is a man who has no respect for women, no interest in helping poor non-white women, no interest in runaway teens.

Trump is a man who refuses to connect the dots of how and why there is a sex trade.

He thinks like a pimp, and acts likes a punter.

All his marriages are made disposable as he knows he is entitled to screw as many women as he can possess.

That is punter behaviour, for he makes women into sexual goods that he throws away.

His body language is that of a pimp.

See how he pushes women aside, how he does look them in the eye unless it to control and bully, how points and threatens even about minor events.

Trump needs to control, rule over and silence all opposition – real or imagine.

This is a dangerous environment to be an Abolionlist, dangerous to be an exited women and dangerous for all those still embedded in the sex trade.

This a time for celebration for sex trade profiteers and punters.

In a land of untruths, pimps and punters can triumph. For their lies and mental manipulation becomes the norm.

l will speak to the endless untruths made to control and mentally abuse the prostituted.

There is the untruth that indoors prostitution, especially escorting, is an easy way to get rich.

What is easy about being trapped in a room with a punter who has paid to owned and control you?

What is easy when at any that punter can choose to be as violent as he desires?

Where the riches, when most escorting agencies take huge cuts and use fines to control?

There is the untruth that some forms of prostitution can be made safe, or at the minimum safe enough to make outsiders think prostitution is acceptable.

How can prostitution ever be safe, when all punters view the prostituted as sexual goods to consume and toss aside?

Prostitution can never be safe as long as punters have that entitlement. Instead,the sex trade will become more skilled at making the constant murders, serial raping and torturing of the prostituted invisible.

That is living in the kingdom of untruths.

Please if you fighting Trump and his reinvention of the how we allowed to think, please remembered the prostituted.



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