Nine Years

I just see it my ninth year of writing this blog.

I have been unable to write for some time, because my trauma is very bad – but I have not gone away or slackened my fight.

We are coming to a time where truth is made unimportant- and blatant lies are believed.

This is a time when we must confront the propaganda of the sex work lobby with regathered strength.

I am saddened and relatively shocked that so-called women’s against Trump are taken  in by the propaganda of the sex work lobby, and is silencing Abolitionists and those who support the Nordic Approach.

This is done to be inclusive, but is excluded the prostituted whether exited or embedded in the sex trade.

It is done from the naive belief of too many on the Left that it would harmful to the prostitutedto not be classed as sex work.

Well, it is playing into the hands of punters and sex trade profiteers, including many of the males who support Trump.

It is the keeping of the status quo of the sex trade – that the paying to rape, the dehumanising of the prostituted, the racism, the constant torturing and mental abuse.

I cannot support marches that claimed to lead and for women, which totally abandoned the prostituted to male hate and violence.

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