It a Male Problem

I so tired of all the issues round prostitution being centred on the prostituted, mostly women and girls.

It is not a female problem, it never has been a female problem – all that harms and destroys is firmly a male problem.

First and foremost, it is men who make the choice to buy and consume the prostituted.

It is mainly men who choose to make the prostituted into sexual good to be brought and sold.

It is men who make the decision that all the prostituted are to be made sub-human.

That is the centre of all the violence done to the prostituted – the male demand and desire to control the prostituted.

It is not stigma that causes the rapes, the battering, the mental torturing and murders of the prostituted – it men deciding that prostituted have no rights to safety or basic human rights.

But constantly the men who consume and create the sex trade are made invisible.

Instead, the prostituted are blamed for all the violence.

It is made out that to be prostituted is to not care how sadist the punters are, to be prostituted is to have supernatural sexual urges.

It is made out that the prostituted are not human enough to know pain, to feel fear or or need real human contact.

It is made clear that the prostituted are so bad that violence is the less that they deserve.

In this upside-down thinking, the prostituted enjoy pain, want to be humiliated and want punters to destroy their humanity.

Punters are made into kings, with the knowledge that he can torture and destroy the prostituted with no consequences.

It is Christmas again, and like all year round punters and sex trade profiteers are destroying the prostituted.

I write for change every year, I fight for change with all the power of knowing that hell.

But justice for the prostituted still seemed so far away.

Yes, some countries are changing laws to make the men responsible for their crimes – but my country seems to be digging its head in the sand.

I fear that England is hoping silence will stop any thoughts of justice and human rights for the prostituted.

But it is no silence, only a silencing of any public speech of abolition or a listening to exited women.

There is a constant noise of the sex trade lobby in our media, dominating how polititions speak, and part of popular culture.

It the voices of punters and sex trade profiteers who are made to matter, as the prostituted are being destroyed.

Please stop making men invisible.




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