Enough of the Lies

I have try to do debates with the pro-sex trade lobby, but they just pour out lies and emotional control – so I will damage my growth by playing their games.

In this post, I lay down a few of the many bear-traps the sex trade lobby place in the way of exited women being seen and heard.

I have been very ill, but I will try to be as clear as possible.

The most important thing to know about the sex trade/work lobby is they are the public voices of sex trade profiteers and punters – they see no human in the prostituted.

Rather, their image of all of the prostituted is that we are goods that they owned and control.

They see exited women as their property that has escaped- we should either be still be be trapped in the sex trade, too mentally ill to speak out or dead.

So there is no debate going on, just a constant reminder that the prostituted have no rights, and can never achieve the goal of being viewed as human.

That is the background noise to all so-called debates exited women and the sex trade lobby.

One tactic that is a constant is that the sex trade will consciously triggered the exited women in a public space, but always in a way to make them look good and that she is over-emotional, mentally ill or unable to understand outside her narrow history.

This is gas-lighting at it most powerful, this is the mind-set of a pimp or a sadist punter.

They used the fact that exited women have extreme trauma, fragmented memory, and experiences that have made unspeakable to their advantage.

With cold hearts, the sex trade lobby will act rational and full of facts, but they speak with poisoned lies.

Everything they say is to make male violence to the prostituted invisible and unimportant.

That is why they claim is only stigma, poverty and trafficking that may be of some issue.

All these can make the punters disappear or be stripped of responsibility for his own choices.

Too often, the sex trade speak to the stigma, saying stigma as a word that covers all harms done to the prostituted, all lack of justice.

They say it the police that is the greatest fear of the prostituted – really, not serial raping by punters, not battery by pimps or punters, not being more violent aspects of the sex trade, not being made to disappear.

The police are a minor problem compare the constant genocide of the prostituted by punters and sex trade profiteers.

The making invisible the punter’violence is the underlying purpose of the sex trade lobby, for to call it work, choice, fantasy, empowerment and game-playing is the langange of making the prostituted into sub-human sexual goods.

It is the language of work that is used in our public spaces, with the false claims it no worse or better than being a miner.

Prostitution is never just another job, it not a free exchange.

Protitution is to have your body controlled, used, and trashed by any man who make the choice to be a punter.

I want to look at the lies said about choices for the prostituted – note there no space is their debates to speak to the choices of the punters.

They speak as if the only strong push into the sex trade is poverty – not previous abuse, not peer pressure, not deep self-hate, not racism, not not not anything that does fit their neat boxes.

By focusing just on poverty, there is little or no push for radical change, just some tinkering at the work/pay conditions.

More important, this endless focus on the push only being poverty is a deep betrayal and abandonment of the many prostituted who had multiple pushes into the sex trade.

I am getting sick again, could write forever, but please do not believe the lies.


6 responses to “Enough of the Lies

  1. Dear, don’t fall back into your “old story” your flashback is only triggered here…

    Don’t try to make them understand, it is absolutely useless, because it is BIG BUSINESS with the suffering of women and girls/boys. You just as well could try to confirm butchers not to sell meat. So! Don’t think and make yourself nuts. Even the ancient GODS couldn’t fight stupidity. Get up, out and show them, they don’t have the power to destroy all of you. Never-ever, as long as you breath. Witches get burnt, even today. Women and children get tortured, as well as animals. How on earth do you think you can stop the unbearable?

    Just know: As on the top-level of being we are all one, after death they will feel all the pain they inflicted. It’s called hell or karma. So please give the revenge to higher forces and just try, (at least try!) to get a good womanly life back. Choose it! Get all the help you can get, but DON’T try to make the perverted and insane dickheads understand.

    They will not and cannot, otherwise they would have to kill themselves.

    So let them rot in their own brutality. Finally it is no more your business how they will rot one day. Remember? Everything will come back to them a 100 fold.


  2. I write for justice for all the prostituted, not my individual recovery. The sex trade lobby must be confronted by as many Abolitionists as possible, including exited women. I am not interested in their understanding, but in exposing their tactics to silence and destroy the prostituted exited or in the sex trade. I want justice and dignity on earth, as an atheist I have no interest in the myth of an afterlife.


  3. dear womanyouarepeople2015

    You are correct. You don’t know how much. I was working for mistreated and abused and raped girls and women, also exited prostitutes in a woman’s shelter for more than 5 years. Then I was “finished”.

    Nobody even cared or helped. The lawyers and judges even laughed and got “this look”. You know which one, the dirty one…… No way to even get rights for almost killed women. One man could go on and on with this torturing and only after the third woman died, police thought may be, …just may be, ….he should be arrested for more than just one year. It was so heartbreaking that I had to stop to stay sane.

    But as you remarked properly, I am really really ill too. Just by noticing, how “big business” is a huge “network” with so many involved. I am hopeless and resigned now, and very ill indeed. I also have flashbacks, I gained about 60 pounds to protect myself against males and their dirty looks, smiles and remarks. I broke with my family, because they didn’t believe me, and I got a chronicle depression.

    Now? Did or does that help any other woman if I was/am broke? NO!
    Just another one bite the dust…….

    I can hardly communicate with any man anymore, without “lashing” out. I am afraid, they will put me into the “loony-hospital” one day. I ended up a misandrist. What else?

    Yes, there also were many many backstabbing women. Even some I used to help before, with money and hiding in different accommodations. –

    I gave up.


  4. I am so sorry that you had such an terrible time. But you did brilliant work, and would of helped many women. I do believe very positive action does be part of real change. Do take great care of yourself, you deserve that .


  5. Dear mott62, thank you. Unfortunately I don’t think that I could help those women much.

    Also my solution to the problem is a bit different…. it is more like “KILL ALL THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS”, and the judges, lawyers and stupid police officers as well.

    Off you all go to HELL, where you rightly belong……

    In Germany they even gang-rape pregnant women. Must be a lot of fun for these fucking sadistic monsters. Nobody seems to care.
    (Well, those women all seem to want it, otherwise why on earth would they work as prostitutes????? Sluts!) Here in Europe it is mostly the very poor gipsy Roma girls which are sold into prostitution. Some of them from their own family. SICK !

    MEN are MAD !!!!!! All of them bloodthirsty necrophiles and psychopaths.

    I also feel SICK to my female bones.




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