No Trigger Warnings

When I first started, I thought I should used trigger warnings -but for a long time, I have decided to stop that.

Trigger warning are good for fiction, trigger warnings are good when there is no danger to any living human.

Triggers are not to be used to hide truths, trigger warnings should not be used when human are dying, suffering or in great danger.

I do not place any trigger warnings on my work because it is the truths of an on-going genocide.

Would think it is ok to place trigger warnings on Syria, trigger warnings on domestic violence, trigger warnings on conditions in sweat shops.

But exited women are expected to molly-cuddle their readers or so-called supporters.

You cannot understand the reality of the sex trade if you run away from its violence and hate.

I will never stop writing to serial rapes, to all forms of tortures, to the conditions of trauma, to the cold and calculated violence of punters and sex trade profiteers.

I will never again place trigger warnings over those truths.

How can I when I live with the knowledge that the prostituted are dying, are living inside constant rapes, having their minds and bodies torture till they lose their route back to humanity.

Trigger warnings have become a way to hide these truths.

A reader may see a trigger warning and decide to not read it.

I believe that trigger warning are a subtle form of censorship, or worse make the writer self-censor just in case one reader may be hurt.

Whilst punters and sex trade profiteers make the concious choice to turn all the prostituted into sub-human sexual goods – I cannot place trigger warnings on my work.

If you saw babies drowning by the score – when you shout and scream for help, or would be silent just in case it upset someone.

Exited women cannot and will be silent as their prostituted Sisters are living in hell.

I will not use trigger warning so my readers can turn away from our suffering.

I do not consider my readers to be children – as adults I know my readers can make the choice to look after their own welfare, whilst allowing in some harsh truths.

This blog is not for everyone, I will always be clear-eyed when speaking to the conditions of prostitution and living with trauma.

I expect my readers to look after themselves, and not to expect me to mother them.



One response to “No Trigger Warnings

  1. I agree Rebecca. As human beings we need to be very honest about what we are capable of inflicting upon our fellow human beings. It is only with this honesty towards our capacity for atrocity that we can move forward and create a different world.


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