Stigma is Not the Issue

It is common for the sex trade lobby to spread the lie that the main issue with prostitution is the stigma is holds.

I think there should be a stigma.

A stigma that is on all men who make the conscious choice to be a punter.

A stigma that prostitution for punters is paying to rape, mentally abuse and torture the prostituted with no consequences.

A stigma that so many men and women make the conscious choice to profiteer from the sex trade.

A stigma that so many refuse to see the constant hate and violence that is inflicted onto the prostituted.

I just do believe that this so-called stigma should be placed on those who are prostituted.

Yes there is a stigma on the prostituted – but it never the cause of all the extreme violence placed into the bodies and minds of the prostituted.

That is always caused by the punters, encouraged by sex trade profiteers, and made invisible by those who support the sex trade lobby.

The major issue for all the prostituted is somehow surviving that hate and violence, and with luck holding onto your sanity.

That there may be a stigma of the Whore is secondary to staying alive, and fighting for human dignity.

Each punter who makes the choice to buy a prostitute, is making the choice to strip her of her human rights and dignity.

Every man or woman who make the choice to profiteer from creating humans into sexual goods is a criminal.

This is not an issue of attitude or points of view – this is solid issue of the destruction of human rights, withdrawal of access to safety, being stripped of humanity.

That is not stigma, that is genocide, that is a hate crime.

See the scale. Of the violence, see the scale of the hatred – do not fall into the trap that it just an attitude issue.

The hate and violence done to the prostituted is part of the structure of most societies, it is as old as rape and as old as slavery.

Prostitution exists because we choose to never see the scale of the violence and hate done to all the prostituted.

Instead, for all the history of prostitution, we have chosen to seek the least violent aspects of prostitution – never letting in the simple truth, that all prostitution is violent, and all based on rape, torture and hate.

Instead, we invent concepts of stigma not on punters and sex trade profiteers, but only on the prostituted.

This invented stigma is used in all societies and times to say – see it always the fault of the ignorance round prostitution, or the fault of the individual prostitute there is some rare violence.

So violence done to the prostituted is made invisible – it become just the weakness of the individual prostitute or maybe some “underground” sex trade.

The punter who rapes, the punter who torture, the punters is never seen – he has done nothing to nothing.

This is how we make torture, murder and serial rapes of the prostituted the norm – so normal that we cannot know it can exist, and if seen made the fault of the prostituted.

It is not stigma that has piled up the bodies of the murdered prostituted.

It is not stigma that allows punters to rape on multiple occasions – usually raping with physical or mental torturing, being part of gang-rapes – with no consequences.

It is not stigma that give most exited prostituted women the gift of the a lifetime of extreme trauma.

No it is male violence and hate that does all that.



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