Been on Hiatus,

I have been away, maybe coz of trauma, maybe coz of apathy, or maybe just because.

I will call it a well-earned vacation or hiatus.

Now I think I am back, changed but back.

I have learnt to have more balance in my life, and spend less mental energy thinking about abolition.

I was drowning in the endless trauma of this campaign, so spending more time with my leisure stuff.

But this blog will only be about abolition and the effects it has on my trauma.

Today I will about a few things that have bothering me during my vacation.

I am angered and not surprised by how male politics is throwing away the prostituted, with the media being their masculine lapdog.

This was shown by the Labour Party, Green Party and the Liberals – and by the reaction to the Keith Vaz affair.

As an abolitionist and exited woman, I have no-one to vote for who would solidly back the human rights of all the prostituted.

Instead, most of our representatives are either apathic or following the propaganda of the sex work lobby.

Yes, there are some brave individual MPs and Lords who are Abolitionists, but they are not backed by their leaders.

This mean real change is a constant battle, as the backbone of laws to grant human rights and full protection for all the prostituted is denied.

Without the backing of law, the sex trade can continue to destroy the mental, physical and sexual welfare of the prostituted with no serious interference.

MPs are content to keep the status quo – that is an environment that allows rape on demand, where all forms of torture are allowed and made invisible, where the majority of the prostituted live with death as their norm, or the lucky few that exit extreme trauma.

We have built a society where all crimes done by punters and sex trade profiteers are condoned mostly by pretending it not happening – or if seen not harming real females.

I cannot bear or hold without my heart breaking, this simple truth – we do see the many harms done to the prostituted, coz we refuse to know that the prostituted are human.

How else would the constant tortures, rapes, destruction of the humanity of the prostituted and murders been made so unimportant?

Why else would punters know they can pay to rape, pay to make the prostituted in sex toys to torture, pay to pour porn fantasy into a live woman without consequences?

What else allow the sex trade to market all vulnerable women as sexual goods – be the vulnerability from poverty, from previous sexual abuse, from fear of isolation, from racial stereotyping, from breaking down of her humanity?

We make the laws that say the prostituted are not human enough to deserve or need basic human rights to safety, their own freedom and dignity.

I live in a country that has made my existence as a prostituted woman invisible.

As a prostituted woman, my reality and the realities of all my prostituted sisters is non-existed for we are not considered to be full humans.

Until we have laws that place the punters and sex trade as serial criminals.

Until we have have laws that decriminalise all the prostituted and provide the holistic exiting programmes.

Until then the prostituted will are be sub-human.

This is unacceptable.











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