Been Resting

I have been away from my blog, resting into telly and actual real sleep.

My body was and is remembering too much, so I had to escape, or at the least have some distance to allow trauma to flow at its own pace.

But I have not switch off, or become “not bothered” by the constant propaganda spread by the sex work lobby.

I have seen and read their hate-speech which viciously focuses on my exited Sisters, oh yes me included.

Let me say I believe their viciousness and callous disregard to mental/physical/sexual welfare of the prostituted increases the more exited are heard and truly believed. 

We are winning, we are changing opinions everyday, we are getting the focus on the demand and supply rather than the prostituted class.

But, saying that it deeply shocking how low the sex work lobby will go.

A classic statement, though it may disguise in many other words, is the refrain that exited women who fight for abolition were never really prostituted.

This is cruel statement for many exited women have fragmented memories, may carry self- blame or self-hate that makes them question their memories or pain, or may think it is not important what happened to them.

Trauma destroys complete memory, destroys sense of Self, destroys connections to make sense of the past.

The sex trade lobby cruelly use that many exited women have complex long-term trauma to say we are unable to know our reality.

Actually, having complex long-term trauma is evidence of living through torture, mental abuse and lose of humanity. So, it is evidence of the many crimes of the sex trade and its consumers.

The sex trade lobby does not care for and speak for the prostituted. It is the voices of punters and sex trade profiteers.

It does not care about the physical or mental welfare of the prostituted, just that there is a show of looking contented, but allowing rapes, torturing and deaths to go on as normal.

The sex trade lobby does care that punters are satisfied, no matter how much that destroys the prostituted.

The sex trade lobby does want punter to consume with no sense he may be punished or stigmatised, no matter if he torture, serially rapes or murder the prostituted.

It is the purpose of the sex trade lobby to make safe for the punter and sex trade profiteers, but to throw away the human rights of the prostituted.

So each and every word said to promote the sex trade is hate speech – for it is a cry for men to rape, torture and kill the prostituted with no consequences. 

Do not fall for their propaganda.

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