Myths are Killers

Myths around the sex trade and what it is to be prostituted are spreading poison everyday. Each myth is allowing the torture, multiple rapes and genocide of the prostituted class to made invisible.

We must confront and expose each and every myth, if we want all the prostituted to have true freedom and the right to be fully human.

To let these myths slip, is to be part of the genocide. We cannot debate or analyse these myths as the prostituted are tortured and made to disappear.

Debate and too much analysing is for a time when the sex trade is gone, and only remember as a myth and a warning.

1. Prostitution will always be with us.

This is just nonsense, but is said all the time by highly intelligent folks.

This statement is used as a full stop, used as a way to say I am so right now, there can no point in going on.

This was said about rape in marriage, about apartheid, about not allowing oppressed groups to vote – all were seen as eternal and just part of human innate nature.

All oppression is formed by the oppressors making out it is natural, that it cannot be changed, that is inevitable.

This is bullshit, for all times and cultures the oppressed have discover ways to dismantle the oppression.

All oppression is man-made, it is never natural or inevitable.

Most oppression is formed by privileged men, mainly white with esteem and power. Those with this power and control will refuse to let go and free the oppressed.

So, it is normal for the oppressors to lie and create myths to keep their power and control.

So punters and sex trade profiteers say prostitution will always be with us – and a chorus of liberal feminists, queer academics and left-wing males follow their lead.

It become the parrot-speak of the ignorant embedded into societal norms.

Just think before you speak.

2. Prostitution is the oldest profession.

Here I can only laugh with bitter tears.


Where is apprenticeship or in-house training? Is their much chance of promotion?

How many professional jobs is it common that the employer takes the majority or all your pay, for no rational reason?

Is it normal for a professional worker to be raped by hundreds of strangers? Is torture, whether physical/mental/sexual, a normal part of professional work?

And is it normal that the worker who is professional will made to disappear,may commit suicide, may die that violence or sexual diseases? Is it the norm for the professional worker to have extreme complex trauma?

I would say it is the oldest genocide, oldest use of torture, oldest industrial raping – prostitution is the oldest oppression.

3. Call it sex work.

This is new way of making the male violence and control invisible, or if seen of little importance.

It neither sex or work – it is sexual slavery.

Sex is mutual and should done with full consent – that is nothing to do with being prostituted.

The punters pays to have full control over the prostituted – he is paying to make the prostitute sub-human, so he can be as sadistic as he wants.

The punter is paying to make consent a nonsense, he is paying to rape and torture, knowing the prostituted has no access to say no or even stop.

That is not work – no unions, no health and safety can stop punters raping and torturing the prostituted – for it the foundations of all forms of prostitution that the punter is always right, and the prostituted are stripped of human rights.

4. The prostituted just have a different attitude to sex.

Oh, please shut up now.

To keep prostitution normal, and male violence invisible – the myth of sex-crazed whore must be formed.

The image if the prostitute as having multiple orgasms, will orgasms on demand even after many punters have invaded her body – is used to hide male hate and violence.

The image that the prostituted will do kink or have violent sexual acts done to them – whilst “normal” may refuse – is used to rape and sexual torturing as sex games or what I paid for.

The prostituted endured sex/rape/torture, they do not enjoy it or have some biological need to be treat as goods.

That is why the prostituted survive by cutting off all feelings, by being dead during sex.

That is why those who can exit will have long-term, often lifetime extreme trauma.

It is the trauma of being raped by so many punters – that they  are nameless, faceless and you cannot count how many without slipping away.

It is the trauma of knowing torture that is unspeakable and relentless.

It is the trauma of knowing what it is to made sub-human sexual goods.

So don’t speak to us of our different sexual drives or ask us about what the sex was like – unless you are prepared for our fury.
I will stop here.

One response to “Myths are Killers

  1. Bravo Rebecca! I agree 200 percent with everything you have said. Please never be silent, NEVER GIVE UP! The prostitution / torture of women / children and others WILL be abolished, we must all work towards that goal.


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