Talking to Fools

Part of the journey of being an exited woman and abolitionist is to constantly having to listen to fools.

These are mostly the pro sex trade and liberal feminists – but also friends and people who think they are allies.

I have grown tired and somewhat sickened by having to repeat myself for years, and see other abolitionists doing the same.

This is a waste of our time and energy – but more it is a huge deversion from the daily suffering of the prostituted class.

I will write some of the foolish statements that are repeated – when repeated by the sex trade lobby and their allies repeated as a form of mental torture to break our will to fight.

There is the old lie – prostitution is the oldest profession.

It is not a job or a profession, it is a form of slavery.

I have been told over and over and over – prostitution is just a job like any other.

Ok, how many jobs is rape and sexual torturing the norm.

How many jobs is it normal that the “manager” steal most of your pay.

How many jobs is it normal to recruit under-aged girls, recruit women who cannot speak the local language, recruit from the most vulnerable people.

And how many jobs is it normal that the majority of the “staff” disappear and live with the constant threat of murder.

I am asked by fools – can you give me sexual tips.

Would really want tips from an old whore- well here goes.

First, learn to have no emotions.

Do not feel or know pain, pretend it is pleasure or just lay dead.

Do not know terror or the desire to run away – remember this hell will be repeated over and over and over till you forgot what terror is.

Do not think some man is going to respect you – men who become punters are all bastards.

Don’t imagine money can ever be enough to make prostitution ok – money cannot stop mental/physical/sexual violence from punters and sex trade profiteers.

My main tip sex is nothing to do with prostitution, rather is all about male power and total control over all the prostituted.

So my advice is don’t be a prostitute, you are worth so much more.

I am very tired so will end here, but do write and say some foolish remarks said to abolitionists, especially exited women.

4 responses to “Talking to Fools

  1. I am so tired of hearing that ‘oldest profession’ line. I heard it last week and asked ‘What proof do you have of that?’

    Thank you for speaking out even when you are very tired and fed up. People asking you for sexual tips is outrageous.


  2. Dear Rebecca,
    My name is Charlotte, and I am Secretary for the Young Fabian, the under 30s wing of the Fabian Society, a left wing think tank.
    We are holding an event in Parliament on the 26th May discussing prostitution and sex work policy. I would like to contact you to discuss whether you would be willing to speak.
    Otherwise, we hope to share testimonials from current and previous sex workers. Could I have permission to use some extracts from your blog?

    Kind regards



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