Stop Comparing

A constant bug-bear of mine is the constant idea that prostitution must be compared and graded alongside other forms of violence to females.

This is yet another way to make the violence done to the prostituted invisible – or at the best, to make this violence an appendix done to the violence done to “real” women and girls.

This is why I choose the language of torture, the language of fighting for basic rights, the language of genocide – and only on occasions the language of feminism, even radical feminism.

Until, we allow the prostituted to speak to the violence done to them without comparing to domestic violence, acquaintance rape or any other common form of hate to women and girls – we can never truly understand the complexities of being prostituted.

We must know this is one of the largest and longest human rights crisis ever invented by humans.

The prostituted class live through constant genocide – only as millions of the prostituted are made to disappear or killed, there is a constant supply of vulnerable women and girls, and some young males to replace them.

Every single prostituted person I have meet has experienced several life-threatening situation as “the risk of our job”.

We all know of prostituted folks who are no longer with us – most of us survived by blocking out the disappearances of too many friends or colleagues.

Death was our norm – survival seemed unlikely and pure luck.

The majority of the prostituted in all countries, all cultures and all times – do not survive to exit and to re-build their lives – the exited women you may know are the lucky few.

Yes, it is true that domestic violence is commonly ended by murder, that rapists will murder rather than face their crime – but this is reported for it not consider to be the norm.

Often we know the names, backgrounds and humanity of non-prostituted women who are murdered or made to disappear – this is rarely true for the prostituted.

We can make a record of the women murdered in domestic violence – we can give them a human face and that simple human right to be seen as fully human.

We do not give that right to the murdered/disappeared prostituted women and girls.

We allow the sex trade and it’s followers to throw away the prostituted, when they have decided they cannot be consume any more.

We turn away from the prostituted just disappearing from the street, from the brothel, from the sauna, from a porn shoot – if we ignore that, then we can make out the sex trade isn’t too bad.

All this lack of caring starts with the choice to make out that the prostituted women and girls are not as fully human as “real” females.

That is why violence to the prostituted is only allowed to truly count if we never separate it out of other forms of violence to females.

But I will always separate it out – for I can see the industrial scale of violence to the prostituted, I can only this compare to genocide, to extreme torture, to any mass form of de-humanalising.

The scale is hard for any mind to hold – when the majority of prostituted do not survive beyond the age of 27, when it considered that the prostituted females are at the minimum likely to die a violent death 20 times more than females of similar age and background.

Remember, statistics are near impossible to reach – the sex trade has had over 3000 years to become experts at making the prostituted disappear.

The  prostituted are allowed to disappeared, because we have chosen to build most cultures to never see this violence done to the prostituted of any importance.

We considered rape as a serious crime – but rarely serious enough to put rapists in jail.

But often when non-prostituted women and girls are raped, their friends will allow that it is traumatic. It is considered one rape is highly destructive.

So how come when the prostituted are raped by hundreds or thousands of punters – it suddenly becomes that rape is no big issue.

No it made into the hazard of the job, re-framed as rough sex, that it must be impossible to rape a whore.

Let’s be serious about rape that the prostituted endure – it is rarely just penis in vagina, rarely what is considered day-to-day rape – the prostituted live inside sexual torture as their norm.

The hate of punters is made easy by creating the prostituted as sub-humans who cannot know pain, always associate violence with sex, and can be dispose of if any sign of a complaint is noticed.

The prostituted are made sub-human in many and endless ways – but here are a few of the most common methods.

The classic of making the prostituted into the Happy Hooker.

This was started by the lie that the prostituted were goddesses who had no access human pain, human grief, human need for a purpose.

No, these goddesses were invented to channel all male sexual hate and anger, and have no access to a voice or ability to rebel.

The goddess transforms to the courtesan, to the geisha, to the high-class hooker, to girlfriend experience – all used to pretend there can no real harm done to the prostituted.

Then there is the idea that street-based prostituted folks are too damaged to be fully human – so why should we care about what is done to these disposable folks.

There is no form of prostitution where the prostituted are allowed to be human.

A prostitute is stripped of having a past, is stripped of access to feeling emotions, stripped of knowing pain, stripped of knowing a world outside the sex trade – to be prostituted is make yourself so numbed that you just a ghost in your own skin.

I understood some of what it was to be prostituted by making comparisons.

I have read letters, records and poems of soldiers from American Civil War to the present to get a some hold of the numbness needed to survive.

I have viewed and read individual records of many genocides from Australia to USA, from Vietnam to Eastern Europe – from the Holocaust to everyday genocide of indigenous peoples on every continent.

I have researched some of the work of groups that counsel and help practically those tortured by governments and other institutions.

All this give some ways to form a language that may name what it is to be embedded in prostitution.

Never the language of only the individual prostituted – but always the multiple voices and knowledge of the prostituted class over all time and cultures.

To be the authentic voices of the prostituted – we must speak to the crux of the violence and hate – that is punters and sex trade profiteers.

Stop ignoring the mammoth in the room – there would be no violence to the prostituted, if men grow a conscious and saw there no reason to ever buy or sell another human as sexual goods.

Punters can make the choice to give back the prostituted full humanity – by refusing that they have a right to consume the prostituted.

We must educate punters to grow that conscious, and we must seriously punished punters who refuse to care or allow the prostituted access to basichuman rights.

Without this male demand, the sex trade cannot survive.

I will end here – hoping this post has an impact.

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