Ice in My Heart

I can only be a writer searching for my truths by having ice in my heart.

I cannot see my Self with emotion, I cannot know that reality without detachment.

But then, if I write or speak out in that tone of “coldness”, then I become open to the brainless attacks of the sex work lobby.

I want to write to this, to expose how the sex work lies that it has any concern for the mental of the prostituted.

No, instead they view the normal mental detachment and lack of being able to be fully human – to be a clear sign that the prostituted must be contented.

This is not done with ignorance – it done with the knowledge that the prostituted have to build mental walls to ignore the constant male violence, and knowledge that they have made into sexual goods.

To re-frame the detachment as happiness is the deepest betrayal of all the prostituted.

Let’s see my normal experiences when in the depths of prostitution – see then, and say was it not life-saving to be detach.

Prostitution is torture – it is torture of the mind, the body and any inner spirit that fights to be present.

I survived by blocking as much torture as possible – but the further I am from being prostituted, the more I know what it was to be tortured.

To be tortured, you must be stripped of humanity.

This is done to the prostituted on an industrial scale – each day millions of women, girls, boys and men have their rights to be fully human stolen to feed the demand for the prostituted.

It is torture on a very basic – torture to have be a sexual object and goods for any punters to force his porn dreams into.

It is torture in multiple ways, it is torture that others can imagine, but mostly it is torture that others want to believe cannot be done.

There is no cell in the prostituted body that is not invaded by this torturing.

There no form of mental violence that is not used on the prostituted.

There is no type of prostitution that can be hide from the torturing.

There is no place where punters do not torture the prostituted.

It is a massive lie for the sex trade to say indoors prostitution can be made safe, or that there can be good punters.

No punters see the prostituted as a full human – however much he a talker, whether he is a regular or not, whether he is gentle and full of manners or not.

All punters only see a slab of meat that can be used until they become bored or run out of money.

The lie of the sex work is to say that these punters will care or even notice that the prostituted are being mentally, physically or sexually tortured – and being such good men would tell the police.


Punters see cuts, bruises and dead eyes when consuming the prostituted all the time – and it just adds to the thrill.

Punters demand the youngest, demand the prostituted who cannot speak the local language, demand drugged-up prostituted all the time everywhere – and have no conscience at adding to destruction of her ability to be human.

Punters are the source of all the violence done to the prostituted – and all the time, the sex work lobby attempts to make the punter invisible or paint him as almost a saint.

There the core of the sex work lobby – it is about the “rights” of the punters, and throwing the prostituted to the lions.

It must be with ice in our hearts, that we see punters as they are, not how they want to be seen.

To consume the prostituted is a conscious act of violence – done with no passion, never just some accident or drunken behaviour.

To buy the prostituted is a conscious action – even it only a few minutes over the net – it can always be a choice to never consume the prostituted.

There is always the space and time where a punter can choose to not make another human into sexual goods.

There is never a good enough reason to consume the prostituted – and each time any punter makes the choice to buy the prostituted, he becomes a torturer and is part of the genocide of the prostituted class.

The punter is never innocent, he can never be re-framed as a good man – he is usually a serial rapist, usually using mental manipulation/violence as a tool, using physical violence to control and be the boss.

The sex work lobby will lie that most punters are just lonely, can be gentle, will have respect for the prostituted.

Lies, lies, lies.

Punters pay to owned and fully control the mind, body and soul of the prostituted – that is they want to make the prostituted into sexual slaves.

Sure – some slave-masters may use honey words, may give the prostituted gifts, may pretend that they see their slave as a human – but always, the prostituted are reminded they are holes to be fucked.

So undermined the lies and propaganda of sex work lobby – and give the prostituted the right to be fully human.


3 responses to “Ice in My Heart

  1. Powerful writing of painful truths. How can anyone defend ‘sex work’ having read this article? Abolition, abolition and once more, ABOLITION. Thank you Rebecca Mott

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  2. Thank you as always for this radical education. It is often said that the men who buy sex are everyday “normal” guys and are our sons, husbands, friends, nephews, brothers, fathers, coworkers etc., but it must be seen that they are also very ABnormal in that each one of these men are also detached and disconnected from their humanity, from small to large degrees (and directly reflected in their treatment of the women they buy). You have to be in order to buy sex to begin with. No matter the excuse they give, the fact that it is sexual slavery these men are buying can only be ignored/escaped by detaching their mind/heart/soul from this knowledge. And any person or organization supporting this as a human “right” is also detached and disconnected from their humanity and Life in general. It is a simple, DEcolonist but forgotten truth that fully awake and connected beings are *respectful* of Life and all its beings. Slavery cannot exist when Respect is present.

    Since money is the currency of slavery, prostitution is very simply sexual slavery, and no matter the new words invented or laws made or the environments in which it takes place, or how “kindly” or “gently” it is done, slavery never has been, is not, and never will be acceptable human behavior.


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