Not in Australia

This weekend there will be the launch of “Prostitution Narratives” in Melbourne.

I wish I could be there, as on of the multiple voices of exited women in the book. I want to meet my fellow writers/survivors.

I want to feel that connection, I want to know that pride of our success out of hell and into a place of respect.

I am very proud to be in this book, though I have published before, this is the first it a strong political statement.

Narratives are more that autobiographies, more than one point of view – to write in the narrative form is the tradition of all abolitionist movements, and is a strong political/personal writing to bring a consciousness of why we need real change.

To understand abolition, we must understand the conditions that the prostituted exist in, we must understand the depths of trauma that exited women have to live inside.

The narratives of exited women are our witnesses to those conditions and that trauma.

Our experiences may be individual, our reason for entering the sex trade are multiple – but read our words and know there is too much common ground.

Read how we were all turn into goods, into sub-human, made into nothing.

Read how we were on the receiving end of any form of violence men can imagine – be that mental, sexual or physical violence.

Read how we learnt to deaden our bodies, close down our minds – become robots or living sex-dolls.

Read how all men that make the choice to be punters, make the choice to know the prostitute cannot consent, make the choice to know he can be as violence as he wants without consequences.

This means to read narratives of the prostituted is to know there is no choice in prostitution, just the luck to keep breathing and exit.

The moment we were first brought – whether as an under-aged girl on the street or in a back room, or as adult woman wanting money or thinking is could be a short-term option – our choices are stolen from us.

It is of no matter how or why we enter the sex trade to the punters and sex trade profiteers – no matter if we came from previous abuse, no matter if we are there from poverty, no matter if we were tricked into the sex trade by friends or family, no matter if racist ideas makes us easy prey for the profiteers.

All that means nothing, when the prostituted are all made into sexual goods to be exchange until they are thrown away.

Punters do not care about the background or personal history of the object that they choose to masturbate into.

Sex trade profiteers see no human in the prostituted – and will destroy even a small glimpse of that humanity.

That is why it is vital that our narratives are getting published.

Our words are fully human, our words connect to all the prostituted, our words are loud trumpet for freedom and full justice.

We write in the tradition of slave narratives – read us and learn, read us and weep, read us and fight bloody hard.

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