This is My Work

I am writing this because I believe I have made this blog, and all it entails my work.

I want to speak my regular readers, and say please if you can send me funds if you used quote my words or hire me as a speaker.

I am losing money as I write this blog, and often have several days in a state of anxiety.

I want to write deeper in this blog, I want to have the fire of an abolitionist – all that is very hard when my day-to-day existence is so stressful.

I believe I provide an unique voice for the abolitionist movement, and I know my work is used by feminists – especially radical feminists, by academics, in books and articles.

I ask if you used my words, please with respect send me some funds for the use.

Also, I enjoy speaking and feel it is vital for the abolitionist movement – but I cannot do it for free, for I do it as a professional, not as a token exited woman.

Please consider this, and send it through Paypal, just write to ask for my email contact.

One response to “This is My Work

  1. Hi Rebbeca, I’m not a regular but I visit here occasionally. I think it would be helpful if you added a pay pal donate button. It makes it a lot easier and faster, especially for impulse donations. Thanks.


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