Back to the Centre

I started this blog wanting to express what it is to be prostituted.

Now, I want to speak to the centre of prostitution – the male demand and those who profiteer from that demand.

The more I write, the more I speak out, the more I listen to my exited friends – the more I know the focus must be placed onto the demand and supply, and away from the individual prostituted woman (man or child).

To face up to that demand and supply, we must explode many myths.

We must know that prostitution is not inevitable – it is not the oldest profession, it has not always been with, and there can be a world without prostitution.

We must think men are better than wanting to be punters and profiteers of the sex trade.

That men can and will learn to see women as equals – not as sex objects, not as sub-human sex goods.

That men can and will learn not to associate violence with sex, that is not to be sadists.

That we can and will make a world where men who make the choice to be punters or profiteers are made into pariahs – and punish in a serious manner.

Damn it, we must want men to raise above demanding and supplying prostitution – that is least we should expect of them.

I am sick of the millions of excuses that men and some of their female supporters make for the continence of prostitution.

All excuses are from a place of a frozen heart, and the desire to keep the prostituted as sub-human.

I could on forever with the words of these excuses, so I will select a few, please feel free to add on if you understand those callous words.

The biggest excuse, the one that it always shock me that anyone can believe – Without the constant supply of the prostituted, punters would seriously violent to real women and children.

Jesus – where to start with that crap.

This assumes the prostituted are too sub-human to be raped, to be tortured, to feel pain and to know terror – only so-called real women and children, that is women and children who are made good by male standards – can know such human feelings.

Another excuse is that prostitution can be made safer by say co-ops, by decimalising all aspects of prostitution, by allowing the prostituted to form unions.

More bullshit, but this is shite is made to make the Leftist punters feel justify as the consume free-range prostituted folks.

Prostitution can never be made safe – it does not matter where it is place, it is does not matter how it is organise, it does not matter what label you put on the prostituted.

Prostitution can never be safe when all punters know that fully own and control the prostituted – and in that ownership, punters have full entitled to be as sadist as he can desires and can imagine from his porn dreams.

Punters can and will be violent however society chooses to organise prostitution – so if we really want to end violence to the prostituted , we must punish and re-educate men who choose to punters to stop consuming the prostituted.

That is why I fight for the Nordic Approach as a mighty step toward abolition and liberation for all the prostituted.

A myth that punters love – is that he is controlled and manipulated by the prostitute. This is place by the myth that the prostituted are sex-crazed.

These myths keep the prostituted as sub-human, who have no past and no future – only a present of fucking punter after punter after punter.

Only inside these myths, is an ugly myth – that each punters imagine he somehow special and unique to his prostitute, and then hate the prostitute for allowing so many other punters into her, whilst at the same time enjoying her trashiness that he can throw away as he returns to real women.

To be prostituted is to live inside that sick mind-set – it is to placed as some goddess of sex, then raped, tortured and mentally abused till you know you just dirt.

Our bodies and minds become experimental rats for all forms of mental, sexual and physical torture, in order to make the prostituted know they can never be human.

Punters need to see us as sub-human, they need to rid themselves of having a conscious or empathy – so they invent that prostituted want the violence, that they manipulate punters into violence.

Punters need to believe that the prostituted are bad – so they can pretend it is not real rape, real battering, real degradation or real murder – just sorting out the trash.

Those are a sample of the excuses made for the status quo of prostitution.

Well, if you want to keep the prostituted as sub-human, as goods who cannot know basic human rights – then follow the words of punters and sex trade profiteers.

I want more – I want a world that cannot imagine a prostituted class.

I want to rise all the prostituted to the simple right of knowing they are fully human.


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