I do not use this blog to write to what is on the news, but the events in Germany have made so angry and sick.

As I wrote in my last post, this is because of the sheer hypocrisy of the majority of reactions, plus it being used as excuse for racism and ignorance.

It all about making the elephant in the room invisible, or maybe the two elephants standing in that room.

That men in mass crowds of all cultures, all backgrounds and in all times of history has been sexually violent to females.

That Germany has made itself the brothel of Europe – that is it ok to rape, mentally abuse, torture and even murder women and girls as long you pay for it.

It is only wrong if done non-prostituted women and can be framed as not part of German culture.

I have try to stay silent, as bile raises into my throat.

But as I hear German politicians state that violence against is so awful – I want to scream –

Which women are talking about?

Are you talking about prostituted in the mega brothels which are on the increase in Germany?

Are you talking about women inside porn filmed in Germany where torture is the norm?

Are you talking about street-based prostituted women who live with the knowledge that rape is their norm, and they could disappear at any time?

Are you talking about escorts who know sexual torture, threats of death and mental violence inside out?

No – you talking only of the non-prostituted women who must be protected from these nasty foreign men – coz we must not notice that German men could of been part of the crowds sexually abusing women.

Personally, I think you have narrow down the women worthy of your support as white European, who must have German citizenship.

For that will gain you tons of vote – to keep open the sex trade, whilst saying most sexual violence done to German women is done by foreigners and men of a strange culture.

I hate yourself self-serving bullshit – for I sure you know it far more complicated, but don’t care if ignorance helps you stay in power.

I also at the disconnect of many feminists, especially liberal feminists.

I understand that most liberal feminists are pro-sex work, so will refuse to connect the legalisation of prostitution with increased sexual violence to all women.

This disconnect sickened me to the core of my being.

To justify prostitution as sex work – you must ignore all tortures, all mental violence, all the murders of the prostituted.

This is what is being done as I look at too so-called feminist discussions of events in Germany.

There is no questioning of the disappearances of prostituted women in Germany, no questioning the high rate of murdered prostituted women since prostitution was legalised.

There is no interest in everyday tortures that is the norm in German brothels, no interests in how sub-human mega brothels are.

But, if porn-fuelled sexual is place onto non-prostituted women – then it is horrific and becomes an feminist issue.

Sorry, if I cry with laughter at your hypocrisy.

Sexual violence will be the norm as long the sex trade is legal and part of German culture.

Of course, majority of that violence will remain hidden and considered a non-crime, for it will done inside the sex trade.

When we choose to legalised prostitution, we are stating that the prostituted class are sub-human.

Stating that it is impossible to rape a prostitute.

Stating that the prostitute does not have human emotions such as terror, grief or confusion.

Stating that you cannot hurt a prostitute, for it has been decided she feel no pain.

And stating that killing a prostitute is a non-event, just getting rid of the trash.

In that environment, why would any men living in or visiting Germany, thinks that women have rights to safety and dignity.

What the men in the crowd have to learn is to pay for their sexual violence first, then no-one will care.

10 responses to “Consequences

  1. Agree with the prostitution… but letting such a mass crowd sexual assault of females slide because we are silenced against saying ANYTHING against Muslims (and this is not about racism, it is about religion).
    ALL religions are harmful to ALL females. Feminism is not one battle it is many, and as long as we defend Sharia law, as long as we support ANY religious oppression, we are betraying the thousands of women fighting against this ultimate of patriarchal tools.


  2. There does not appear to be any connection to Sharia law and these crimes. There have very few arrests, some of whom are immigrants or recent German citizens, some of whom may be Muslim – but that does not means they follow Sharia law or are extremists. Of course the German government ad parts of the media will use the race card to hide that many German men were the perpetrators, whether they were White, of Arabic descent or African descent.


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  4. “What the men in the crowd have to learn is to pay for their sexual violence first, then no-one will care.”

    So true. And so depressing.


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