Christmas and All That

This post is written to any punter who think Christmas is a good time to buy a human for his sexual greed.

This post is written to all those who see Christmas as a way to make a profit from selling the prostituted.

You are seen – you cannot hide, or pretend it can made harm-free or acceptable.

I like most indoors prostituted women had Christmas destroyed by your selfishness.

Yes, I made more money – but with more money was increased violence and being made sub-human.

Most punters that used the prostituted during the Christmas period are married or a stable relationship – many are family men.

They don’t care about the love of their families or bringing gifts of care and support to their loved ones.

No, all that matters is that their penis is happy, that they are can controlled and tortured another human for that penis.

Punters invent lies to hide this sexual greed and violence.

At Christmas – punters choose to make the prostituted into a girlfriend.

A girlfriend who does have the freedom to think for herself, who can only exists inside his presence.

A girlfriend who will perform all sexual acts without words, without saying if it is painful, without any space to breath.

A girlfriend who makes him look good.

A girlfriend that he can throw away.

At Christmas, punters come wanting quick sadist sex  – he may pay extra to push her limits, pushing the prostituted to the edge of death or into pain/terror that becomes unspeakable.

At Christmas, brothels offers deals that allow punters to control, explore their porn fantasies and become masters for an hour – sending poison and dreams of death into the women they consumed.

You thought you destroyed Christmas for me and all my exited friends.

Well, our triumph is that we still own our Christmas.

A Christmas without your sadism.

A Christmas where no-one can buy or sell our bodies as sexual goods.

A Christmas where we choose to have family, friends and our new selves celebrating that we not only survived, but can live to the full.

We don’t need your money, your manipulations, your lies that we cannot exist outside the sex trade.

All I want for Christmas is that all punters and sex trade profiteers are named and punished as the criminals that they are.

This Christmas my heart is with all the prostituted who are being raped, tortured, living without hope or murdered.

I want no punters has the entitlement at any time of the year to buy another human.

I want that all sex trade profiteers are placed in jail.

I want real holistic long-term exiting programmes for all the prostituted – including specialise and long-term counselling, access to work, a safe place to live and education.

I want the purchase of sex to be named as rape – not see as a form of consent.

Basically, I want full freedom and dignity for all the prostituted.

Hey Santa, if you are listening – get your act together, coz the prostituted have been wanting those simple gifts for over 3000 years.

Lets stop rewarding the sex trade profiteers, lets stop making the punters invisible – lets starts playing the prostituted at the centre of our attention.

Lets give all the prostituted the gift of hope – hope that their lives matter, hope that they can a future without hate and male violence, hope that they are more than a whore.

Lets give all the prostituted the gift of a stable life – a life where they control their own futures, a life where they can rest knowing violence is the past, a life where boredom is ok.

Lets give all the prostituted the gift of self-respect – self-respect that is founding stone of learning to live inside their skins, self-respect that shows stillness does not have to be feared, self-respect that makes finding real friends a easy path.

Is that too much to ask for this Christmas?




6 responses to “Christmas and All That

  1. I felt quite emotional reading this post, Rebecca. Especially when you rightly point out:
    ‘I want real holistic long-term exiting programmes for all the prostituted – including specialise and long-term counselling, access to work, a safe place to live and education.’
    If there were any programmes as such I would jump straight away at the opportunity to have a decent life, work etc. Six years on and I am still struggling to recover. Of course, living among ‘rapists’ does not help. But I live among them because that’s where my partner is based and not willing to move away at any cost.
    You are a gem for speaking out on our behalf, survivors of this vile industry. Sending you big hugs. x


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