I want to write about a made-up word that is used by the sex trade to silence exited women and abolitionists.

It is the word – whorephobia – or the irrational fear or hatred of the prostituted.

This word is gaining popularity with liberal feminists, with the media, with too much of the Left – it is taken up with no questioning of its use.

In this post, I will mainly write of the impact of this word on many exited women, including my own experience – in order to show whorephobia is a weapon to silence us.

It is a word that has only comes into fashion recently – mainly linked to other made-up word transphobia – often both words are used jointly as hate language to silence mainly radical feminists and abolitionists.

To be named as whorephobic is to called irrational, a hater, most likely a religious nut, a prude, and a murderer.

That is just a few of the assumptions that is behind the word.

So when it used, it makes all abolitionists and exited into bigots – so to use the language of whorephobia will make on the side of the angels.

Well no – like all the sex trade lobby language is just another trick of the devil.

Look at who is promoting the use of the word – see it is mainly pushed by those who will or want to profiteer from the normalisation of the sex trade.

By the use of the tainted word – whore – the sex trade lobby are showing their true colours.

Whore is male language to place the prostituted as sub-human sexual goods to be sold, used and thrown away.

Whore is a word that places the prostituted in an environment where she has no existence outside being a fuckable object – she has no past and is given no future.

In other words, whore is used to keep the prostituted in their place – that is to know their lives are worthless, unless it to get yet more money for the sex trade.

So who has the irrational hatred of the prostituted here – abolitionists or the sex trade lobby?

Who is allowing the millions of rapes, tortures or murders of the prostituted?

Who is making a fortune from endless use of the highly vulnerable and damaged men, women and children to feed the punters sexual greed?

If you think that is the fault of the abolition movement – then you are wilfully blinding yourself to institutionalised evil that is the sex trade.

The sex trade is highly organised, and over the centuries has control over most sexual exploitation of mainly females.

The sex trade works by pretending that all its parts are disconnected from each other.

That amateur porn is just made by couples – not connected into the porn industry or using prostituted women.

That stripping has no connection with prostitution or the porn industry.

That porn only uses grown women who have no connections with prostitution.

That indoors prostitution is a separate world from street-based prostitution, there never be an interchange of those women.

There are endless that the sex trade will pretend it just made of of separate and isolated groups – rather than the reality of all being part of highly organised and profiteering institution.

To be prostituted – is to know you can move at any time to any aspects of the sex trade, usually to a more violent part.

To be prostituted – is to know there is no safe aspect of the sex trade – for at any time male violence is the norm.

So there is the blatant hatred of the prostituted – it is the life-blood of the working of the sex trade.

So the sex trade lobby have a bloody nerve accusing the abolitionists and exited women of being whorephobic – when they are part of a killing machine.

So that word is redundant – for we are saving lives and giving back hope.

12 responses to “Whorephobic

  1. This is excellent. I too am an exited prostitute . I worked in many areas of prostitution in Australia, and I wanted to add the fashion and modelling industries to the various segments that you had for fuelling and actually being a part of prostitution, just like stripping and pornography. All of these industries which use women, prostitute women…..and the aim is for all women to become prostituted:)


  2. Thank you for this excellent article and I am contributing to help. Could you please put your paypal button back up as I don’t know how to help otherwise.


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  5. It’s unreal that liberal so-called feminists can accuse anyone wanting to end the abuse of women “whorephobic”. The word “whore” is a word made up to vilify and degrade women, it’s a word to dehumanize women in prostitution. I’ve even heard liberal feminists call you basically evil if you say the word prostitute and not “sex worker”. You are so brave Rebecca, thank you for speaking the truth and not being intimidated by these deluded assholes.


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