I See You

I write this post to say how I saw punters.

I speak from trauma, I speak from hate, I speak from all the pain punters put inside me.

To end prostitution, we must what punters have chosen to become.

We must named as criminals, as serial rapists, as sadists – and by calling them out we are on the road to freedom for the prostituted.

I am sick and tired on the focus being keep on the prostituted, and the punters disappearing into the shadows.

All damage, all harms, all trauma is placed into the prostituted by the selfish behaviour of punters.

Let’s start, by getting the basic of prostitution straight.

All punters can make the choice to never again buy another human for his sexual wants and greed.

It is the punters who make the choice whether to rape, torture or mentally abuse the prostituted – therefore it is always the punter who holds the power.

Those basics are there in all aspects of prostitution.

It must made clear it not stigma, not the place, not laws that is raping, torturing and murdering the prostituted – it is mainly punters.

So, as I look back on punters – I see the constant terror of knowing violence was always round the corner – that there was no hiding place from their sadism.

I have know the dead eyes of the sadist, touch their evil.

To know that cruelty – is to know deep despair, to hold your body tight to stop some of their torturing getting through, to survive by losing humanity.

To see their eyes that freeze you to the bone, eyes that command you with no words or even violence.

Dead eyes that made into a robot – into a being that was undressed and lying frozen with only holes to be poke, skin to be polluted and a mind that had to run away.

I see punters – and I know how they saw me and all the prostituted.

They never saw who we were, they never saw we had any life outside their porn dreams.

We were there to be fucked, to be hit, to be spoken at, to held out as a status symbol, to killed, to be thrown away.

As punter Charlie Sheen stated

“I pay for them to go away.”

Punters enjoy knowing by paying in money or gifts, he does not need to know or care about the prostitute – just consumed and then return for other men to consume, until the prostituted is used out and dispose of.

Prostitutes are seen by punters as they see any other consumable goods, say like entering a supermarket.

There is no human in a prostitute to a punter – no messy caring about her feelings, her background, whether she is safe or not.

No, as consumable goods – the prostitute can be poked, ripped at, eaten out, torn at, made to be tied or hung, strangled, mentally abused, beaten, have objects shoved into all her holes etc – with the knowledge is nothing.

There can no pain, if there is no human to know pain.

There is no terror, if there is no human to feel that fear.

There can no harm done – for it just an object being used.

This is how all punters justify their violence – by saying there is human, so therefore there is no violence.

That is why there can never be any safe place to be prostituted – there is no forms of prostitution that can be made safe, no way to regulate a safe way to prostituted.

The only way to bring safety to all the prostituted – is to stop the punters having the entitlement to buy and consume the prostituted.

We must put the focus on that demand – for that it the source of all the violence done to the prostituted.

We must know punters are everywhere, are much more common than we want to believe.

Punters are your brothers, your fathers, your close friends and relatives, your workmates, your teachers, your doctors, the police, men in human rights groups, men who are religious or atheists – just very ordinary men of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

Violent punters do not look any different from other men – and most outside the sex trade world, will be liked and seen as decent men.

A sad truth is that many if not most sadist punters save all their violence and hate for the prostituted – and would disgusted if that violence was done to non-prostituted women or girls.

I have sat in rooms with punters who condemn child rape – after knowing I was under-aged, wanting me young to screw and beat up – punters who would hung child rapists.

I have been tortured by punters for hours, keep imprisoned by punters for weeks, and been in near-death experiences with punters – who I have seen being supportive and kind to their girlfriends, or have spoken out loudly for human rights for all women.

The sickness all the prostituted have to carry – is having to living with the punter’s hypocrisy.

If all the prostituted scream out at all those “good men” who have torture or rape them – the world would be ripped in half.

A myth about punters is just a few men consume the prostituted.

This makes no sense.

For the majority of long-term prostituted women have been in the sex trade for at least seven years – and most have a minimum of four punters a year – to hundreds or thousands of punters consuming them.

It is rare to see a punter more than once – so it is impossible the a small percentage of men make the choice to be punters.

I lost count of how many punters consume – just know it was so common that they all become one.

I cannot write any more.

One response to “I See You

  1. Hi Rebecca. I have commented on your blog before, but it was a while ago, and for that, I do apologize. I have been in denial of my actions lately, but you have always brought the ugly truth home to me, and the reality check that I so desperately need. I have a drug problem that has gotten to be out of hand once more, and have been prostituting to pay for my habit. I thought I was free at one point, after being caught up in “the business” for many years. And then came my relapse. Since then, I have had to come into contact with the punters who you and I both hate with all of our hearts. Nothing has changed out here, its all of the same humiliation that you speak of. I’ve been “playing” the punters lately, and using the drugs that they promised, while not following through on my promise of sex and blow jobs. I know this can only last for so long until one of them gets angry. For the dicks that I HAVE been forced to suck, I get those same gut wrenching feelings of humiliation and disgust; and wish I could take my knife and put him out of his miserable existence for preying on a vulnerable, drug addicted woman (me..) I’ll be getting a good sized inheritance soon, so I’ll be free of having to interact with these scumbags for drugs, but I am afraid I’ll run through it, and be back in the same situation as I am in now. I promised myself to get help and go to detox, and to go back to my supportive drug counselor, who I abruptly stopped seeing when I relapsed. Thank goodness they understand the nature of addiction, and will take me back as a patient. I wish you a good recovery although I know its easier said than done. You are healing with every sordid detail you remember and write on your blog. You are helping some anonymous whatever you want to call me by writing your blog. I understand you. Thank you for allowing me to write this, and to get real with myself. I can’t tell anyone what I’ve been doing; you know the disgust that people have for us. And your right- punters come in all shapes and sizes, all professions, etc. They all protect each other by blaming US, and keeping the rumours alive that punters are all creepy little guys with dirty raincoats on…Bullshit. Take good care. I love you, and will always support you..Thanks.


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