This is My Work

I want to explain why I am asking for donations and respect from my readers.

I write this blog not as a hobby, not as therapy and not always when I feel well.

I write this blog for it is my work – and being my work I think it deserve to be paid.

I have written this blog for about eight years, and have written through trauma.

This blog is written to explore that trauma – and give hope and understanding about trauma after prostitution.

This blog knows deep grief, understands torture, remember being made into sexual goods, carry fury in a safe way, and is written through pain of decades.

That is why it is work – the hardest work I can imagine.

Writing with the trauma of the prostituted, is exhausting, painful and like pushing a boulder up Everest.

So, I asked if those of my readers who use my work to educate, communicate to others, quote or use for research – have the grace to ask full permission.

I think it be good if you use my words or views in your work or research – that you should send me a donation.

Say £3-£5 if you use a blog research for education or research.

£1-£3 for quoting my work, especially to a wide audience or for education

My work is unique – and it highly disrespectful to take my words without my permission or knowledge.

I am delighted that my work is being used for education and to further action for abolition of the sex trade.

But my work is not done for free – it affects my trauma getting no reward or status for my hard word.

I am an expert, I have a unique insight and way to form words – I have left being a survivor and now considered myself as a writer.

I hope you can respect that.

4 responses to “This is My Work

  1. I totally agree that you are fully deserving of our financial support. Your heart-wrenching personal work has played and continues to play a crucial role in advancing our collective understanding of the cruelty and inhumanity of the prostitution system and I urge all readers of this blog to contribute to your survival and to look about and locate institutions that could offer substantive stipends to bring you in as a speaker.

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  2. Thanks Martin, you really understand, especially about the emotional and physical toll this work has on me. Living from hand to mouth does not help my trauma. I am very proud of this blog, but it is very hard.

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  3. I absolutely love your writing and how you present your experiences as a prostitute–it really gets to the heart. Just to clarify, the money for quoting your writing is compulsory, right?


  4. Nothing is compulsory, except I would like to know where my words are used. I find it very hard to get any money for my work, so do appreciate any donations. If you can, just ask or my private email address.

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