More on Donations

To support my work as an activist, educator and speaker, you can choose to make a donation via Paypal.

These donations will be used for expenses – especially when I do a lot of unpaid speaking in public and my private support of exited women. Examples of my expenses are; public transport, use of my phones, computer wear and tear.

If you can donate, please ask for my private email, for I need to be as secure as possible. I will reply asap.

Thanks so for your continual emotional, intellectual and practical support xx

3 responses to “More on Donations

  1. Rebecca, I can send a bit. Would you pls email me whatever email is associated with your paypal account? I donated previously, if the paypal account/email I used then was the right one, also please let me know thanks.


  2. Hi, I’m broke this week, but I’ll try to get some money help soon (next few days) for your important cause. Thank you again for all of the inspiration. I wish we could all talk about these things more easily, such as money and the terrible fears that are learned from trauma. I do wish so many people I meet could be spared the continuing fears. God bless, I don’t know what else to say, even if I am not really a traditional believer in God, but only some special miracle of the universe. I still say God Bless to try to express good will and show I want to be friends.


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