Beware Students Speaking

This post is written from deep frustration and some anger.

I am sick and tired of students being brainwashed by the sex trade lobby, and refusing to listen and truly hear exited women or other abolitionists.

At first I found this scary, then depressing – now as I see this ignorance of common male violence and making the prostituted into sub-human sexual goods, I am being tipped into a fury.

What is being taught in universities for such willful ignorance to be so common in the student population?

It seems to part of the Queer culture that is fashionable in many universities, it is part of the erosion of Women’s Studies into Gender Studies.

It may be that for academic to promote the language of the sex trade, especially to write papers that please the sex trade lobby – will mean decent funding and the likelihood of being published.

It is made to be connected to the lack of funds for students – with the cynical concept that female students should enter the sex trade.

I see and read of the depressing increase of students speaking the language of sex trade profiteers and punters – thinking it is a language that is help the prostituted.

Let us examine the language use by students and some of the ideas behind them – and say why it so offensive and hurtful to exited women.

Before I start, I will this language is the opposite of reality that is known by the vast vast majority of the prostituted working or exited.

It is a language of the privileged, the language of those who profiteer from turning the prostituted into sexual goods, it is the language that hides the everyday male violence and hate that is the foundations of all forms of prostitution.

It is the language of choice, the language of sex work, the language of harm reduction, the language of empowerment, the language of migrant/under-aged sex workers,

It is the language that could be in Alice Through the Looking-Glass, in it upside-down inside-out way of seeing the sex trade and its effects on the prostituted.

The language of choice is highly selective when spoken by these students.

It is only about the individual choices of a few prostituted women. Never about choices of punters or sex trade profiteers.

It about choices of the prostituted who are considered to be the good role model to students – which tends to be an adult woman who is white and Western, who is middle-class or independently wealthy, who works indoors and is controls of how punters treat her.

This Happy Hooker is a myth – invented to hide male violence, invented to fulfil porn fantasies of punters, invented to prevent outsiders looking at the conditions of indoors prostitution.

It is an useful myth to give to students when the sex trade is trying to recruit women into prostitution or sex clubs.

It spread the lie that prostitution can be made safe, the lie that prostitution can be a high earner, the lie that the prostitute can turn the bad apples in punters.

It makes female students believes that the sex trade will respect them if they enter prostitution, and will not abuse their basic human rights to bodily safety.

It is a highly cynical ploy by the profiteers of the sex trade to place students as escorts, in brothels or sex clubs short-term.

It will carefully done – often by keeping the violence hidden from her gaze – in order that she will recruit other students.

The sex trade loves students coz they can be pay less, and can be discarded and replaced with ease.

The lie that prostitution is sex work is becoming embedded in student culture.

It is a language that promotes the sex trade usually by those who have no concept of what it is to be prostituted, but think it is fine for others to do.

It is spoken by those who have never been in a room alone with a punter with no idea of what he will do, violent or not.

It is spoken by those who idea of being in a brothel is from reading Henry Miller, watching movies, looking at impressionist paintings.

It is a language that sanitised indoors prostitution in order to decimalised or legalise prostitution by claiming it just a job like any other.

Sex work is connected to the false idea that prostitution is empowering to women, could be seen as  female liberation.

This is pure bullshit – and is deeply insulted to all the prostituted class.

There is nothing empowering or liberating about made into sexual goods and porn-toys.

No prostitute have the power to stop a punter who is determined to be violent.

Most prostituted women do not have the power to choose the sexual act done to them, even when it is sadistic and/or life-threatening.

Most prostituted women do not have the power to not be move round different aspects of the sex trade – usually into more violence and being isolated.

That is not empowerment or the road to liberation.

So think before you speak.

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