Don’t Lose the Way

I am a feminist.

I was made a feminist by experience, by seeing and understanding connections, and by knowing inside male torture and hate that feminism was the only thing that made sense.

I am scared that too much of feminism is losing it way in regards to the rights of the prostituted.

Sadly, for most of history, women have been taught to ignore the prostituted.

Women are taught that prostituted cannot be feminists for their role is to pleased men.

Women are taught not to see or acknowledge the pain, terror and grief that they would find if they look with clear eyes at the prostituted.

There have been brief period in modern history where the prostituted class are allowed to be human enough to be seen by feminists.

But now, apart from radical and abolitionist feminists, too much of feminism has fallen back to listening to the sex trade lobby, and removing all humanity from the prostituted.

This is done in many ways, but always fall back into pleasing males and throwing away the prostituted class.

This is the rise of liberal feminism, rise of queer politics, and the rise of prostitution is an empowering choice “feminism”.

It is mostly the feminism of the privileged who like to imagine that prostitution is fun, safe, empowering and way to be rich without working too hard.

They stay in the imagination, for they do not actually work in a brothel, do not be in a flat/hotel room with a punter alone, do not stand on a street – but they ignore those who speak truth to that life.

It is feminism that put itself in a cosy bubble – refusing to hear the voices of exited women, refusing to know the conditions for the prostituted, refusing to acknowledge the fundamental problem is male violence and entitlement.

That is not feminism in any way – no feminist movement should promote the rights of punters and sex trade profiteers.

But then it is a feminism that places the voices of the sex trade lobby above the abolitionist movement or exited women.

This is shown by the inclusion of the trans lobby in too much of this so-called feminism.

This lobby is tiny and often highly anti-women, and deeply offensive to feminists, often using violent threats.

But, what is ignored is how the trans lobby is in bed with the sex trade lobby.

Both want to keep the prostituted as consumable goods, both promote pornography especially sadist porn.

This is the voice of male entitlement, whether it women or trans who are speaking it.

I am proud to be alongside radical feminists and abolitionists – but I am so scared that too much feminism is abandoning the prostituted class to please men.

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