Sad and Happy at Same Time

I know many expected me to have returned from Stockholm full of joy and optimism.

I had to stop writing, for I had too many confused emotions. I was on the edge of losing my sense of self.

I stopped writing coz I was scared to express myself. Afraid my expression would be let-down to my readers.

But now, with workmen in and outside my house, with Spotify on loud – I may be able to write to my confusion.

All I know is that the Nordic Approach is a very good beginning – but that is the point it is a beginning, it not the end, it is not the full answer, and it does have some flaws.

But the best thing about the Nordic Approach is that is makes a line in the sand – saying punters should be made accountable for their actions.

This is huge, and I saw in Stockholm how in a short ten years that simple statement is changing attitudes and making real change.

I saw the change to a society that questions why we thought prostitution could be made acceptable.

Of course, there is still prostitution, there is still exploitation – but the Nordic Approach is building a society that is saying punters makes a conscious choice to buy another human for sexual greed/want.

It makes the act of making that choice a criminal act – that is massive, and is the beginning of giving back human rights and dignity to all the prostituted.

The Nordic Approach is not perfect.

It was formed for the interests of all women and men in Sweden – but it was not formed to place the human rights of the prostituted as the priority.

Like too much in the abolitionist movement, the prostituted class were placed as an afterthought – it was more about equality for non-prostituted females and males.

This is shown by the punishment for the punters – which is a flat fine whatever the wages the punters makes.

Only two punters have gone to jail in ten years.

This is crazy, and keeps the prostituted as sub-human – saying it not real crimes done to the prostituted, so a simple fine is ok.

But, most punters are serial criminals, most punters commit severe crimes.

Punters are not just criminals, they are sadists and usually feel no remorse.

Punters are serial rapists, punters use all forms of tortures on a regular basic, punters are murderers, punters are batterers.

We cannot just use fines – we must put these sadists in prison.

We should build a society that see the grievous crimes done to the prostituted class, not a society that turns away saying it no-crime if there is an exchange of money/goods or sex.

We should stop saying there is one law for the non-prostituted and another for the prostituted.

There will never be full justice for all if we abandoned the prostituted class.

This how I returned from Stockholm.

4 responses to “Sad and Happy at Same Time

  1. Thank you for all your posts. They are so informative and, most importantly, they force the reader to engage with your pain and your history. We are not allowed to use intellectualisation to protect and shield us which is an often typical defense mechanism.

    This is vital if we are to understand the impact that sex work/prostitution has on the woman and the society that we all live in. We cannot become inured. We must continue to feel.

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  2. I agree with A Millers Tale. Your posts are effective because they are affective. They go to the heart.


  3. Rebecca, your writings are very interesting. I have a question concerning your trip to Sweden. Did you speak to women who currently are in prostitution in Sweden? What do they think of the law that criminalizes the punters? Are these women’s lives more dangerous because of the law (as pro-prostitution lobbyists regularly claim)? Are there enough (and comprehensive) exit programs for women who want to escape the prostitution system?

    Thank you for your work.


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