The Darkness of Ordinary Men

This post is about how ordinary punters are – how their hate, violence and evil hearts hide behind the facade of being just another bloke.

This post is not about statistics, it is not saying this is fact – no, it more important than that, it is a record of one exited woman who hears and channels generations of the cruelty that punters place into the prostituted class.

There is no true statistics or facts about who the punters are, they hide in plain sight.

They hide as the media say they are the real victims of the sex trade.

They hide as we choose to believe only sad, lonely and dysfunctional men would consume the prostituted.

They hide behind the image of being gentlemen who have respect and give large rewards to the prostituted.

They hide as young men just having a wild Friday or Saturday night out.

Punters hide in every country, every city, every small town – they hide in your workplace, hide in your leisure time, and hide inside your families.

I write as an exited prostituted woman who had too many punters inside me to know how to count.

The only common denominator of the average punter is that he is very ordinary.

He is working, he is unemployed.

He is married, in a stable relationship, or single.

He is European, America, Latin American, Asian, African, Australian, and all the rest of the world.

He is upper-class, middle-class and working-class.

He is religious, he is an atheist.

He is a carnivore, he is a vegetarian, he is a vegan.

He is right-wing, he is a liberal, he is left-wing.

The punter is the thing of true terror – he is Every-man.

The common thread to a man who make the conscious choice to buy another human for his sexual greed, is a huge sense of entitlement and the conscious choice to make the prostituted sub-human.

To make the choice to buy another human for sexual want is to make another human into a slave.

Yes, all punters will justify and lie about what they are doing.

What shocks me and so many other exited folks is that so many outside the sex trade, make the choice to believe the words of punters.

Would you take the word of a man caught battering his partner?

Would you listen to a rapist after he is found guilty?

Do you listen to the torturer or the tortured?

To listen to the justifications of punters is to place the torturers on a pedestal.

Why do you make the choice to believe the punters, and set up bear-traps for exited folks when we speak out?

Here some words of punters that are believed, and that every day allowing the genocide of the prostituted class.

There is the lie that would hurt the prostituted – they are gentlemen, they have respect, they will stop if the prostitute complains.

I do not know of any punter in 3000 years across every continent who does think he owns the prostitute – and in that ownership have the entitlement to do as he will.

To be owned, is to lose human rights, to lose expression, and to have no access to access.

To be owned, is to be made sub-human.

All punters know to be with the prostituted is to have the right to be violent, to erase the prostitute’s humanity.

To make the choice to buy another human for sexual greed is an act of violence in and of itself.

No punter is non-violent, no punter has any respect for the prostituted.

All punters are rapists, all punters would torture the prostituted if they could get away with it, and all punters see no harm in the disappearances and murders of the prostituted.

All punters are the problem – none are innocent, and none are gentlemen.

But too many in all societies make the choice to see punters as misunderstood, and somehow victims of the prostituted.

This is a sick upside-down way of seeing what prostitution is, and to ignore all the mental/physical/sexual damage done to the prostituted class.

But then too many in all societies make the conscious to ignore and make invisible the violence that all the prostituted class have inside their minds and bodies.

Too many go willingly into the myth that the prostituted are so sub-human that it cannot real violence.

It become a common and disgusting myth that is almost impossible to rape or truly damage a prostitute.

Punters will say this in blatant language –

That it is not rape, it like shoplifting.

It just rough play.

Whores don’t feel pain.


And what is shocking is how many take the word of the punter.

Many punters who violently raped the prostituted, who choose to bring the prostitute close to death by rape, who choose to rape under-aged prostituted, who join in with the gang-raping of the prostituted – are the first in line to condemn rape of the non-prostituted.

Many punters who pour violent, hateful rapes into the prostituted – speak against violence against women and children in public, in their free time and with their families.

Too often to count, violent punters are friendly, kind and considerate to the non-prostituted females.

Punters hide in plain view by acting the good man in the public gaze.

For who believed the word of the raped prostitute when the punter pull on the cloak of being a decent bloke.

Punters lie that they go to prostitute just for “sex”.

They pay for the right to have complete control and entitlement over a human with no human rights.

Punters pay for the right to torture without consequences.

Punters pay for the right to do sexual acts that may endanger life or destroy the prostitute’s mental welfare.

Punters pay for the right to know their violence is made acceptable, into a non-crime and a non-event.

Punters pay for the right to be invisible.

And it the fault of all in every societies who make the choice to believe the words of punters.

To believe any punter is to have blood on your hands.

And to keep all the prostituted as sub-human.

6 responses to “The Darkness of Ordinary Men

  1. when i read this i remmember the thousand of times i were attacked and insulted in feminist circles when i claimed to punish men for their atrocities.I am tired and sick to see so many women protecting them…i belive this problem should be adress as well


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