Anger and Frustration

I have written this blog for several years, and I have said the same things over and over and over and god-damned over.

I have been told I have inspired many, especially feminists.

I have been praised for my writing style, even named as the new Andrea Dworkin – though any prostituted woman who raises her head above parapet and speak truth to power, is named as Andrea Dworkin.

But, praise and honouring means nothing if there is little or no practical action to help the prostituted still trapped inside the sex trade.

I write to a genocide, I write to the mass torturing of the prostituted class, I write to the disappearances and deaths of too many of the prostituted.

I am not writing for an intellectual debate, I am not writing to play the statistics game, and I am not writing a story.

I write as a witness – a witness cannot change the past pain and grief, only leave a record hoping it heard enough to make real change for the present and the future.

I write with ice in my heart, the detachment of the eagle-eyed.

I write to give a forensic truth to what it was and is and will be to be inside the prostituted class.

I write with a warrior heart – the heart that is never afraid to enter deep grief, the heart that knows and holds the truths of being tortured and being made sub-human, the heart that cries that even one prostituted man, child or woman exists let allow knowing it is millions.

I do not write a story – that insult the sex trade lobby throws at exited folks as we confront the corruption and cruelty that is the sex trade.

I cannot and will not write to “facts” or in a lineal manner – that would a huge disservice to the reality of complex trauma and disjointed memory that nearly all exited folks have to live with.

I write to the gaps and silences that are the reality for all the prostituted class.

I write to find a language or to use old words to form new ways of seeing what it to be made sub-human, what it is to raped beyond being able to use the language of rape, what it is known all the tortures known to man is inside all the prostituted.

The language of the prostituted class is raw, it is highly complex but very simple. It is a language that screams pain and a grief that cannot know an end.

It is the language that connects to all genocides, a language that hears and understands being trapped without hope, a language where all those who oppressed the prostituted use language to destroy reality and to make prostitution into a joke.

Language is used by those who oppressed the prostituted, to say it is just work, it is just a game, it is only adult leisure – all words to gag the prostituted.

There we have the central truth.

The prostituted class not only have language stolen from them, but they made to choke if they speak even a semblance of truth as the sex trade gags their voices.

The prostituted class are never meant to speak truth to power, they are meant to be dead, they meant to be embedded in the sex trade, they are meant to only to speak the language of their oppressor.

No wonder, when the prostituted can exit and find some route to freedom, they are full of anger and frustration.

We can now speak words that belong only to the prostituted, words that have not be allowed for the whole history of mankind, words that we form without asking permission or waiting to be told how to speak.

To be able to speak to oppression, is to begin the road of ending sexual slavery and genocide that is the true face of the sex trade.

This is why the exited need to know our allies are doing practical ways to abolish the sex trade – and not just praising our bravery, and truth-telling.

We need you to confront the language of the sex trade lobby, we need you to speak against the normalisation of the sex trade.

We need to confront the myth that prostitution can ever made safe, we need you to stop indoors prostitution being hidden from public scrutiny.

We need you not to think there ever only a few reasons that the vulnerable are pushed into prostitution – it is not invented by austerity, or just affects poor women.

Speak to how prostitution recruits mainly women and girls from all classes, from all countries, from all cultures and all ages.

Only say that non-white prostituted women are the most tortured, the most likely to disappear or be murdered.

Only say the sex trade want girls and young women as the mainstay of their blood trade – say that the average age of death in prostitution is 27 cross all cultures.

Say that it is not normal in work – to know at any time and any place to be mentally/physically/sexually tortured. It is not normal in work – to be raped by hundreds if not thousands of men.

And it not normal at work – for the rates of murders or violent deaths to be so high that is re-named just a risk of the job.

Say loud and in a clear voice, that it is impossible to buy consent, especially when the punter is nameless, is protected from the public gaze.

You can do more.

You can fight in your countries for the Nordic Approach.

You can write to your governments, you can go to meetings and speak to the human rights of all the prostituted.

You can confront Amnesty International if and when they refuse to see prostitution as a human rights issues, and allow themselves to be led by the nose by the sex trade lobby.

You can confront any jokes about whores or prostitution, you can confront men in your life to see what the sex trade is, and stop them thinking prostitution is a non-issue.

You can question friends if they go to Thailand, Amsterdam, Germany or Las Vegas – or the many other centres of sexual tourism.

You must confront the glamourisation of prostitution especially by Leftist men and liberal feminists.

These are few things you can do – there is so much more, which I leave to you to do.

But doing nothing is to assist in the genocide of the prostituted class.

7 responses to “Anger and Frustration

  1. Reblogged this on Gender Is War and commented:
    “I write with a warrior heart – the heart that is never afraid to enter deep grief, the heart that knows and holds the truths of being tortured and being made sub-human”


  2. We had pimps that waited outside our school when I was 12 offering girls a joint and ‘friendship’. We often saw older girls in the back of these men’s cars, out of their heads on drink and drugs. There but for the grace of God went I, one of the older girls warned me not to go near those guys. I know you speak the truth having survived four childhood rapes myself I know the truth because I have lived it myself. Onwards towards the Nordic model.


  3. PS Using words such as industry, job, worker and adult leisure is a similar approach to how the Nazis spoke of the death camps, they talked about process plants, final solutions, targets and numbers – it was all as a way of sanitising murder in the same way the sex industry tries to sanitise rape and slavery.


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  5. So very powerful. Each time I read you. Each one of the words you use is.
    I read the translations but I always come back here to have the truthfulness of the original version and your own words

    Thank you to speak the truth out loud.


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