This is Not a Debate

To believe in abolition of the sex trade as an exited prostituted woman, is to know there is no space or time for an intellectual debate on prostitution.

Debates belong to events and subjects that are stable, where there is safety for all those involved.

Debates can be had on abstract philosophical ideas, debates can had on history that is resolved or not relevant to daily existence.

Debates can just be to show off or win points.

But debates are not appropriate when there is a genocide, when there is wide-spread torture and when the prostituted are being made sub-human.

It is a trick of the sex trade lobby to pretend that we can debate the existence of prostitution.

The sex trade lobby can debate for to them it is a game, to them it has no human impact, for the prostituted are stripped of the right to be human.

The debate about prostitution is slated to the sex trade lobby, for they can lie, they paint pretty pictures and they can speak to the language of the Left.

This is all done by having the mind of the pimp, the mind of the punter – the mind that is cold, the mind that see money before basic human rights, the mind that places male orgasms above the mass torturing of the prostituted.

The mind of the sex trade lobby is made for Pimp and Punter – know that and then you can start to understand why it is not a debate.

See that simple truth, and then we can unpick the points the sex trade lobby make over and over and over.

The sex trade lobby will want to convince you that prostitution can and will be made safe if placed indoors.

When the sex trade lobby speak of safety, it becomes a very loaded term.

It about making punters feel safe and have privacy – it is not about the safety of the prostituted from the punters being violent.

It about giving an outward show of safety for the prostituted – but still allowing rape, battering, torture and murder to carry on as normal, just behind firmly shut doors.

It about making prostitution look safe enough that it will continue to make a huge profit.

It is not about the granting of human rights for the prostituted, or even giving them the dignity of being fully human.

The sex trade lobby will try to separate the good prostitute from the bad prostitute.

They will invent the Happy Hooker, the prostitute who has no or very little male violence done to her, the prostitute who control the punters or only has decent punters.

The Happy Hooker is middle-class, mainly White, enter prostitution in her 20’s or 30’s, earn high-rates, can leave whenever she wants, and can choose what sex acts are done.

This is named as empowerment, feminism, Leftist and liberating.

All the rest of the prostituted – maybe 98% at the minimum – become the bad prostitute according to the sex trade.

This includes indigenous people who are prostituted, Black people who are prostituted, Eastern Europeans who are prostituted, Asian who are prostituted, and people from every country who are prostituted.

This includes those who enter prostitution under-aged, those who enter prostitution after sexual/mental/physical abuse, those who enter because of poverty, and those who enter to pay for a drug habit.

This includes those who enter prostitution through lies and coercion from someone they thought they loved, those put into prostitution by family members.

This includes the prostituted who cannot stop the male violence that is the norm of all forms of prostitution.

The bad prostitute makes up the whole of prostitution – the sex trade is founded on making of the bad prostitute.

It is the Happy Hooker that is an illusion or used as a smoke-screen by the sex trade lobby.

Nearly all the prostituted survive by acting happy, acting tough, acting like they have some power.

This is vital to keep some sense of humanity in a world that see you as sub-human goods.

To hold on to even a thread off humanity is keep something private and undamaged by the sex trade.

That becomes the Happy Hooker, if you refuses to not see the human in the prostitute.

It is a refusal to see the dead eyes of the Happy Hooker, it is a refusal to hear even a mention of male violence from the Happy Hooker, and it is a refusal to allow the Happy Hooker to be beyond the small moments where everything appears fine.

The Happy Hooker is invented and then manipulated by the sex trade lobby.

They will push the Happy Hooker to the front to shut down exited women who speak to the conditions of indoors prostitution.

They will lined up the Happy Hookers to go to demonstrations, or to fight on Twitter or Facebook.

But a warning – many so-called Happy Hookers are female sex trade profiteers, many have never been prostituted or did hobby prostitution.

It is these profiteers who will lead the fight against exited women who demand real change.

A sex trade profiteers will use extreme mental abuse against exited women.

A tactic is named exited women as deluded, to say we lie about the violence, that we were never “real” prostitutes.

A tactic is say if was violent, how could we are still alive, to want “facts” about where/when/how the so-called violence happened.

A tactic is say they “work” in the area we were in, and no prostitute saw us there, to say we are story-teller.

A tactic is to threatened exited women, especially saying they have our addresses, might harm those we loved, or will stalk us.

A tactic is spread lies that our loved ones used the sex trade, that no-one outside the sex trade can be trusted, so we may as well come “home”.

The mental violence of the sex trade lobby to exited women is endless and varied – but always it built on the assumption that we should dead or too destroyed to have a voice.

How do you debate with those who wants you annihilated.

This is not a debate – this is life and death for the prostituted.

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