Running Scared

The sex trade lobby are out in force this year.

Their lies and poison are all the media, all over the net – and especially all over exited folks who are now abolitionists.

This is vicious, but though it is mentally exhausting – I kind of glad they are finally showing their true colours.

The sex trade lobby will call themselves sex workers, especially saying they just escorts or dominixs.

They will be so-called radical university lecturers, or researchers.

They may claim to be the good decent consumer of the prostituted.

They are journalists who only speak to sex workers for their rounded articles of the sex trade.

But all inside the sex trade are conservative, they are capitalists, they back exploitation, and they have made a choice to have no heart.

The main bulk of the sex trade lobby is made of sex trade profiteers – including so-called escorts who always make their feeble points whilst advertising their goods – or in the interests of the punters.

The sex trade lobby has no interest in the welfare and safety of the prostituted – only speaking to those issues to hide that it is normal for violence and hate to be the founding stones of the whole of the sex trade.

The sex trade is violent in and of itself, it purpose is to keep the status quo where the prostituted are made sub-human.

It will back an institution that will recruit mainly vulnerable women and girls – and make them into prostituted goods with mental/physical/sexual torturing.

The purpose of this torturing is to make the prostituted interchangeable.

Most of the prostituted are given new names, are cut off from their family and friends.

It is common practice for the prostituted to be move around geographically and/or to many aspects of the sex trade – until she is too disoriented to know she is human.

Most of new prostituted are broken into the sex trade by letting the most sadistic punters consume them – gang-rapes is a common way to break the prostituted, using the threat of it being filmed and made into porn is another common practice, and horrific sexual torturing which make the new prostitute speak-less.

All this is what the sex trade lobby is promoting – in the name of sex work.

But the sex trade lobby is showing its true face by its attacks on exited women who speak truth to power.

The sex trade lobby is running scared, for when the exited speak out it shakes the foundations of the sex trade, and show it for the hell that it is.

The sex trade lobby is running scared as it has no answers to the uncovering of its own violence and hate, no answers to their stealing human rights from all the prostituted.

Their only way to answer back is through viciousness, through saying exited women are liars or too damaged to understand the truth.

They answer with insults, with veiled or actual threats.

They answer with the contempt that comes from viewing all the prostituted as sub-human – exited or still embedded in the sex trade.

This contempt comes with cold hearts, with entitlement to own and fully control the prostituted.

They see the prostituted as interchangeable – with no access to being a full human – so the sex trade lobby will speak to exited women with orders, with threats, with contempt, with disbelief, and with the sense of outrage that the prostituted dare to be human.

To speak out as an exited woman, is to face head-on the sex trade lobby – face the people who want all exited to be dead, to have no access to speaking, or to force exited women back into the sex trade.

The sex trade lobby will act nice, or relatively nice, to non-prostituted abolitionists.

They put on the act of saying they are only people who truly care for the mental and welfare of the prostituted – they care enough to improve their working conditions, they care enough to deal with the rare violence in-house away from stigma, they care enough to help the prostituted earn more.

The sex trade lobby paint a pretty picture for the public gaze.

But below all their talk, is a desire that the public gaze never open the doors on indoors prostitution, or ask any deep questions on how and why so many women and girls are inside the sex trade.

It is all smoke and mirrors – hiding the torturing, hiding what it is to be made sub-human, hiding the off-the-scale rates of early deaths or disappearances in the whole of the sex trade.

Do not fall the sleight of hand – instead see the dagger in the heart of all exited women, and learn to hear their authentic voices.

6 responses to “Running Scared

  1. Very true. Until governments pass laws that make it very clear that it is NOT acceptable to purchase “sexual” access to women and girls, and enforce these laws, no woman or girl is safe from this variant of sexual violence. Or spillover effects, such as pornography, porn inspired rape and the widespread male disregard of women’s sexual boundaries.


  2. I have a new “friend” and one of the first conversations she had with me, she started spouting off about the evil “SWERFs”. I didn’t know what to say. I’m so tired, I can’t stand up for myself or anyone else anymore. I just want to be left alone.


  3. “But the sex trade lobby is showing its true face by its attacks on exited women”


    If everything was really as peachy-keen as they pretend, they wouldn’t care what you or anyone else says. If a Forest Service Ranger tells everyone how much she or he hates trees, nobody cares, not even the Forest Service.

    Horrible lying slavers.


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