Shut Your Eyes Tightly and It Will Go Away

The trouble with speaking to the realities of prostitution – is that there so many ways to lessen the issues or just to say prostitution is no issue in the first place.

It is in this environment, that brave survivors of the sex trade are slowly speaking out – always knowing our truths are unexploded bombs.

To speak to the realities of being prostituted is to know a loneliness that is almost impossible to express – it can be near to impossible to know those truths which live under the skin of each and every survivors of the sex trade.

And with survivors speaking their truths, there are mainly prostituted women with extreme courage and truth-sayers who speak out while still inside the sex trade.

I cannot imagine the strength it takes to be a whistle-blower on the sex trade, but their bravery is showing the cruelty, lack of human rights and dead souls that is the whole of the sex trade.

I could never spoken out till many years after exiting, for I was too dead to feel, know or understand my own reality.

Instead, I was acting as if everything must be OK, while always knowing I could be dead at any time.

To be inside prostituted, is like five minutes at a time, is to not know who or what you are when not performing for punters.

To be fully embedded into the role of being a prostitute, is to lose any sense of being an individual, of being a human, of being anything more than an object for endless men to masturbate into.

There is nothing personal about punters raping, beating up, torturing or killing the prostituted – it just a matter of getting what he has paid for.

Most punters do not see a person – they see holes to stick their penis into, hands to wank them, mouths to take their semen.

Punters if they see the prostitute as a whole, and just parts of a body to consume – they still do not see a human.

No, they see a living image from porn, they see the prostitution separate from the human with no access to human right or have access to consent.

Buying a prostitute is like buying a burger – sometimes it just plain, sometimes it has gherkins and relish on it.

But all is consumed without thought.

Punters do not want the prostituted to remind them there is a real human being brought and sold – they want a living sex-toy that boosts their egos and play out any porn role their minds can imagine.

These roles become harder and more intense with punters with more money, punters who choose the many forms of indoors prostitution

Punters with money often have huge sense of entitlement – these rich men could from all cultures, all lifestyles – these are the punters who send ice into my heart.

There are the rich punters who owned the prostitute for weeks or months, he may take the prostitute on trips, may say she is his girlfriend – but always the punters will remind the prostitute that she is a slave.

These punters are often highly sadist in their sexual demands, these punters have no qualms about throwing away or killing the prostituted when they grow bored with them.

These punters may be politicians, may be film stars, may be in the sports arena, may be businessmen or may be in the music business – these punters are made invisible by having high status and being rich.

When rich punters rape, torture and murder the prostituted is usually will be unreported.

Most rich punters are hand-in-glove with the sex trade profiteers at being highly effective at making their hate and violence to the prostituted into a non-event.

It is common in brothels, in escorting, in girlfriend experience – for the prostituted to just disappear, and no-one will say anything.

I like all survivors of indoors prostitution live with the knowledge of those disappearances – with never having a body to grieve or the knowledge the prostitute may have been lucky enough to exit.

There so dead bodies of the prostituted that no-one knows of, where it has become impossible to grieve or even give them the dignity of naming them, as a small way to bring back their humanity.

That is why it is vital when we do know the names and lives of missing or murdered prostituted folks, we must honour and record them.

The sex trade runs by hoping to make its violence will disappear, that if the prostituted go missing if becomes nothing.

The sex trade is founded on extreme hate and violence to all the prostituted – but with a slight of hand, it pretends to care for the mental and physical welfare of their prostituted goods.

If we start to count as much of the violence as we can, starting with disappeared and dead – we will pull the rug away from the sex trade.

To expose the common violence in all aspects of the sex trade, we must listen and honour the truths of those survivors who speak out.

Their truths speak to tortures that the sex trade want to be unrecorded.

Tortures made speak-less, for sex trade profiteers enforce the lie of stigma, and how no-one outside of the sex trade cares or wants to know the conditions that the prostituted have to endured.

The myth of stigma is invented by the sex trade, and is used to prevent the prostituted seeking outside help or knowing outsiders may see prostitution as wrong.

The lie of stigma is preventing help or hope for some many of the prostituted.

The lie of stigma is used every moment is used by the sex trade to makes it violence and hate invisible.

To believe stigma is the most important issue for the prostituted, is to turn your backs on their human rights and leave them as disposable sexual goods.

The major issues are living inside the constant threat and reality of male violence, of having no access to security over your own body, of the constant threat or reality of being move to other aspects of sex trade or another geographic location.

The major issues for the prostituted is to be live inside constant mental abuse, to know at any time or place physical violence will used to control your behaviour, that rapes will become so normal that you must be dead to survive, and that any time or place any prostitute may be killed.

That is what the prostituted have to live with – that is what the sex trade wants hidden from the public gaze.

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