Blocking is Survival

Dedicated to all my amazing survivor Sisters – you know who you are.

Recently the sex trade lobby have been shouting loudly – how we must listen to the prostituted who are inside the sex trade.

But, as with everything the sex trade lobby, it is highly selective what type of the prostituted we should listen.

It should be mainly white middle-class women who state how empowering prostitution has been for them.

It is the classic Happy Hooker who appears to be rich, empowered and self-sufficient.

In other the wet dream of the average punter, and the cash-cow for the sex trade profiteers.

Most of these spokeswomen are being pushed forward to speak the male language of those profiteers and punters.

If the sex trade can get prostituted to say it is harm-free, a great earner, that it is flexible hours, that it is somehow feminist – then it can keep hidden all the common male violence and entitlement that underpins every aspect of the industry.

These women are pushed to the front as ways to recruit, to advertise, and to speak words that are lies.

The sex trade wants to pretend it is feminist, pretend it gives a damn about the rights of the prostituted, pretend it is somehow left-wing.

It want it to be invisible that the sex trade is the larger capitalist and exploitative industry that men have ever invented.

Hiding behind prostituted women is easy – for most prostituted are emotionally dead and will speak whatever words that make them block out their reality.

It is this blocking that makes the prostituted easy to manipulate.

Blocking out reality is a vital survival mechanism for all the prostituted.

Who want to live with a reality where only worth is to be brought and sold as sexual goods?

It is no matter if you brought as a sex object twenty times a night, or you are brought as a sex object once a month – it is a reality that must be closed down.

Who want to live with the reality that to be prostituted means that at any place, in any aspects of prostitution – the punters can choose to rape, batter, torture or murder you?

There is no such thing as a safe type of prostitution – escorts are tortured, raped, battered and murdered as are street-based prostitutes, male violence is the norm in brothels as well saunas.

It is normal for women who have in any form of prostitution for more than three years to know several prostituted women who have disappeared or been murdered.

It is normal for the long-term prostituted women to have been raped by hundreds if no thousands of punters.

It is normal for the long-term prostituted women to be moved round many aspects of the sex trade, and moved to many locations.

All this makes for a reality that must be blocked out to survive with some form of sanity.

The body holds what the mind refuses to knows.

This is when it becomes easy to be made into a spokeswoman for the sex trade – to speak to empowerment, to say you are liberated, to say you are strong and happy.

But look into the eyes of the Happy Hooker – and see a deadness of knowing the future is just a dream.

Look behind the Happy Hooker, and see the puppet masters are the sex trade profiteers and punters.

5 responses to “Blocking is Survival

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  2. thank you for educating us further with another very helpful description. This relates to “Identification with the Aggressor.” A coping strategy for helpless and hopeless circumstances? An example is a child who’s caretaker abuses them. They must become whatever they sense that the abuser needs them to become, to decrease the abuse as much as possible. This is our survival instinct. They must put themselves “into the shoes” of their abuser to understand right away what they need to become in order to make it through the awful dilemmas. So thank you once again for providing us with the healthy truth which will help all to remember the priority to give love and support to the prostituted class. I hope my comment is proper enough. I am participating in the movement to help for some years now since I was in my late thirties, and this is how I feel. The Nordic approach is the most sensible, the evolution is complicated and will probably happen over many years with different tries and experiments?

    I wish I could share more but I have to deal with too much interference in life to my passion for human rights. This makes me angry/frustrated, too. That people will be ignorant and petty and interfere with the most important priorities, or else distract from the most important priorities. So thank you to Rebecca and all helping communities/ Please know I am committed even when so much interference takes away my freedom to be more devoted to our priorities. I am very frustrated that my life does not belong to my priorities and I am forced to a distraction and there is nothing I can do about it. So I only know that I will help make a difference in the long term but I cannot help to win today. This is how I am trying to describe who I am now that I am trying to participate in the blog world and other efforts. I am only a fraction of myself to give, it is not a happy fact for me, but it is the reality for many people. OK, so now over much time I can give back a good comment and eventually I will be more than a fraction and more of a whole person for my priorities.


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