Hitting a Brick Wall

I have found trying to communicate with some liberal student feminists is to smash into a brick wall.

A wall of deep denial, a wall of blocking their ears.

A wall that is built to silenced the multiple voices of exited women.

I will write a little of my contact with British student feminists, and hope it points how highly intelligent women can decide to be ignorant.

I also write this to say that I believe too women’s group in our universities have been infiltrated by the sex trade – mainly by English Collective of Prostitutes, Sex Workers Open University and International Union of Sex Workers.

These groups speak for the status quo of the sex trade, and have only a token if any interest in the welfare of the prostituted.

These groups speak the language of the sex trade profiteers and uphold the interests of the punters.

It is these voices that are allowed in too university women’s group – and is part of the throwing away of the prostituted class.

To listen to these groups without a critical mind, is to abandon the prostituted to mental, physical and sexual violence that underpins the whole structure of the sex trade.

That is not feminist – that is a deep betrayal of the prostituted class.

It is these groups that work tirelessly to hide the common male violence that is in all forms of prostitution.

Their trick is to keep the focus on the individual prostitute, and away from the punters and sex trade profiteers.

It is vital to the sex trade lobby that we do not see male violence to the prostituted.

If we do see it, it must be blamed on the “choices” of the individual prostitute, or shown to be a weakness in a prostitute.

Male violence in the sex trade must be seen as a rarity, which the sex trade can deal with in-house.

So all discussion steer clear about the basic human rights of the prostituted, and turn to labour issues.

So it never to called prostitution or prostituted – but sex work.

Framing prostitution as sex work is a betrayal and a huge lie.

It attempts to betrays rape and abuse – including torture – as just sex.

This is done knowing the average student will frame prostitution sex as like what they know just slightly more kinky and with more men.

It is framed as paid sex – now, that sounds so great, who would not want that.

There is no mention of the power dynamics of prostitution – that the punter is buying entitlement to own and use the prostitution.

That the punter does not see the prostitute as human, but as sexual goods for him to use and throw away.

This is not sex – for the prostitute has no access to consent, the prostitute has no access to being fully human.

Prostitution is not work, it is the conditions of slavery.

The prostitute has no control over whether the punter makes the choice to be violent or not.

The sex trade lobby say that the prostitute can and should scan the punter for signs of violence.

That is ridiculous and highly dangerous propaganda.

Most violence men are capable of giving the image of being non-violent.

After all, in the world outside off prostitution, it is normal for men to hide their violence from their partners until they start domestic violence. The same with the vast majority of date rapists.

Why would punters be any different from other violent men?

Also most prostitution is done in isolation, often in a flat, hotel room or in an alley – where their no witnesses, giving the punters permission to be as violent as they want.

Violence is quick and usually there no signs that it will happen – you can batter a prostitute in 30 seconds, you can raped a prostituted in less than two minutes , and you can murder a prostituted in a minute.

But in indoors prostitution – the type of prostitution that the sex trade lobby backs – violence is the norm, for there will no outside inference, and the punters have privacy and time to be as violent as their imagination lets them be.

It is normal in indoors prostitution to be raped beyond what your mind can hold.

Gang-rapes are commonly used to controlled the prostituted in all forms of indoors prostitution.

It is normal for sex trade profiteers to take all the money – the get-rich prostitute is a deadly myth.

To be prostituted, is to live with the constant threat and reality of violence.

The prostituted are at the minimum 18 times more likely to be murdered than the general population – I say minimum, or it is normal for the prostituted to be made to disappear.

The average age of deaths in prostitution is 27.

The average age of entering prostitution in Western countries is between 12-14.

The vast majority of the prostituted were pushed into the sex trade by poverty, by previous abuse, by mental abuse, by being lied to, and by multiple ways of breaking down her humanity.

The prostituted do not have free choice, just the choice of a trapped bird that is slowly being poisoned.

I feel sick and tired that this needs to be said.

14 responses to “Hitting a Brick Wall

  1. Those student activists do not want their activism to be painful or make them feel their own lack of safety. So they must believe it is all Pretty Women.

    For example, what happened to the women at Willie Pickton’s pig farm was, in their minds, the exception, don’t think to carefully about how those women were people just like them, and it all can be avoided in the future by legalizing glittery brothels. Next time you speak with student activists, show them this bit (NSFW even though nudity is blurred):


    See if they can still manage the mental twists and turns needed to still believe prostitution and porn is ’empowering’.


  2. I’d also like to point out that the clip in my post above shows video shot by a legitimate company in California, where there are health and workplace safety laws in effect for these performers. See how well they protect.


  3. Belle Knox does not really exist, except as a commodity to be exploited by the porn industry. Miriam Weeks is clearly not in a good place. This is what happens when an eighteen year old teenager is coerced and exploited and abused by pornographers, and shunned and shamed by her community. A young mind, still developing, is particularly ill suited to handle such pain. Disassociation and trauma. I hope she makes it to a safe and quiet place soon, so she can regain her clarity.


  4. I have experienced almost the same thing when speaking against porn (prostitution on camera) and BDSM (a choice on first glance, but what kind of lifelong oppressive messages make people think humiliation and rape play is sexy?).

    Do you find that young women, in their “non-judgmental” attitudes, also fail to see the problem with these things?


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