I now, finally, have a donations page – it is at the top by Home.

I would very happy and honoured if my loyal readers, and new readers, could give weekly or monthly regular donations.

This blog is very hard for me, but I am extremely proud of it.

It is a campaigning blog, as well as an exploration of extreme PTSD, and a piece of witness writing.

It is not a personal blog – for all that I write here is part of the common experience of all the prostituted class.

Therefore, I do not feel it right that I do this without some funds – for I want this blog to form political action.


I wish to state here where your donations will go, and how they will used, and why it needs to be on-going.

The money is needed because this blog is hard to do for free, and giving talks without pay is very draining.

It is also about my mental and physical welfare.

I have very little money, and donations would with my day-to-day living.

So, your donations will go to my food bill, to bills that are connected to my work eg electric bills and if needed computer repairs, stationary and travel costs.

All leftover money will go directly into my bank account.

I would very grateful if this could become a long-term thing, for it really done help my mental welfare and gives me the inner strength to continue my vital.


3 responses to “Donations

  1. OK I am so glad to contribute and will set up a regular contribution next couple of weeks. There are many sides to help for these important issues and your blog is very helpful. I wish I could have more conversations with friends about these important issues also. I think over time everywhere people will gain proficiency in talking about these issues and topics. Thank You.


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