Setting Up as a Business

I am trying to be self-employed, but it is very scary and I not sure how to do it.

I am writing to my readers for practical help, and emotional back-up.

I am completely broke until the 23rd of this month, so I could really do with advice how to make this blog a permanent earner.

I hate writing this – but I feel I more than emotional support from my readers.

I have many long-term readers who have seen my determination, my ups and downs, my resistance to the sex trade lobby.

I know many of loyal readers have seen I do my work through and with complex PTSD.

One factor of my PTSD is when I have no money, or running out of food – I become extremely triggered.

I am used to dealing, with acting like I am fine when my world is crashing in on me.

I put on my Survivor’s face, and become an island.

But no-one can live as an island, especially when not understanding the rules of asking for help or support.

Prostitution is a cruel teacher, and some of its useless lessons are not obvious to many outsiders.

The harsh lesson of being prostituted is to assume you cannot ask for help or expect others to care.

Through this blog and its outreach, I am slowly learning that is a lie, a lie which is one way that the sex trade still destroy the prostituted whether they are exited or embedded in prostitution.

I am now reaching out, and asking if anyone respect and honour my work if we could set a long-term way of making some cash.

I was thinking if loyal readers give through PayPal the minimum of £1 a week, or £3 a month to make some kind of business.

I am new to all this, and don’t want to guilt-trip or put pressure on anyone.

To be honest, the most helpful thing that could be done is to have advice of how to get permanent contributions for my work.

This blog is making me poor, so it would heartening if that was not so.

11 responses to “Setting Up as a Business

  1. Hi Rebecca,I do hope you set up Paypal for contributions. But I also wonder if you could gather some of your columns into a book and try to find a publisher who will help you make it profitable. I think it is a real possibility for you. Good luck!


  2. I will send in whatever I can and i will definitely like to subscribe for your regular blog and anything else you do to raise awareness and share your knowledge and spirit. Setting up a business seems challenging and complicated, it has been too much for me so far, yet I can see that it really is just a matter of keeping with it and taking one step at a time. Maybe there are advisers who can help, too, as a free public service. There is a service like this in the U.S. to help people learn the basics of business. Maybe a message at the top of each blog to ask for readers to support the ongoing efforts will help? I think the book is a great idea, too. Thanks again for all you do for all of us and our world. We need to fully support your work, it is very important.


  3. Yes, set up a paypal account. Then have a donate button and ask readers who are able if they would like to contribute a monthly subscription, or a 1 time payment amount.


  4. Also, don’t have to be broke if you have a way I am glad to send whatever can be helpful over online or whatever, I live over the ocean so I think the mail takes at least a week? Just wanted to make sure it is clear I am not so broke right now and I want for you to feel more secure and I cam give something back to you in return for all of your writings. Thanks.


  5. Add a donate button to your website ASAP. I’d be happy to contribute and I’m sure many others would as well since your work is vital.

    Your idea about asking for people to subscribe with a monthly donation is good too. And I love the book idea.


  6. Thanks everyone, still having major problems with setting up a PayPal Donations button. Maybe I will have to give my email to those who write, I will of course delete your comment if required.


  7. You can also do a gofundme, but you lose more than with paypal. You- or someone you know- could easily set one up, and get a feel for what will work. Some ask for money at the beginning of each month, others ask for revolving minthy donations others fundraise bigger a few times a year. I think an auction would be cool if you could get stuff donated. The hard part is the international readership, but it never hurts to try.

    I wonder if there are any grants out there for this type of thing?
    I agree a book is a great idea, others have done very will, Rachel Moran comes to mind. This can bring an income stream and fees for speaking.

    I have had successful small businesses if you wanna message me. I will add my email to the next post, delete it when you can.


  8. I have a small business and would be happy to share or brainstorm with you. Mine is different and not Internet based though. Feel free to email me. We could talk via email, Skype or phone.

    You’ve been very consistent with this blog. Your contribution is vital and I believe many will want to be there for you.


  9. “The harsh lesson of being prostituted is to assume you cannot ask for help or expect others to care.”

    So true. I struggle to ask for help because I know people don’t care. Not really. I don’t have time to blog anymore but when I was blogging, I was never able to monetize my blog. I think the people who are able to do that have huge readerships and don’t really need the money, but maybe you’ll have better luck than me. I certainly hope so and wish you the best.

    Sometimes I think about returning to prostitution because of the complete hopelessness of my situation. The thought repulses me but it’s clear to me that I have no other value in this world. Of course my value in prostitution is also sharply diminished because I’m no longer in my teens or 20s.

    Just scraping together enough for the rent every month is a major struggle. I lost one of my dogs because I couldn’t afford to treat her and now the other one is sick. Poverty is brutal.

    Sorry to be such a downer. Sometimes I think I’m too damaged to live. I admire your ability to keep this blog going for so long and to continue speaking truth in a world where most people don’t want to hear it.


  10. I don’t see any “Pay Here” button or anything. I wonder, is there a non profit near you that you like a lot? some community resources? or fund? I wonder if these will help if they exist. Any way, I’ll look for updates about how to contribute.:-)

    And besides this, I do pay attention to PTSD articles and overall how to overcome all human trafficking and sex industry challenges for all humanity. I think I would like to help however I can. I might try to find out how to help in my local county area, which is Southeastern United States in the State of South Carolina The news has had reports on how efforts are trying to help on different levels.

    Anyway, I wish there was an overall fund for you to draw from that helps many people at different times when needed.



  11. You’re obviously a fine writer, Rebecca. You should be able to find freelance writing assignments on a variety of topics. Actually, you may be able to get a well-established news site like Huffington Post to pay to run your column. I don’t know how large your audience is currently, but advertisers will gladly pay to run ads on your site, if the readership is there. I’m referring to the full spectrum of ads, from soup to detergent. If their interests do not conflict with your own, you may get a sex workers union to pay you a stipend (or pay to run an ad). The International Union of Sex Workers, for instance, operates in the UK. Hope this helps!


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