Your Sexual Liberation is Our Death

I am always amazed, and deeply saddened, at how the male-led Left fights for human rights and liberation from Capitalism – but has a blind spot when it comes to the sex trade.

But why am I so surprised, for it was the Left that give us Hustler, it is the Left that tells porn is liberating and fun, it is the Left that pushes for prostitution to be framed as sex work, it is the Left that claims prostitution is safe “enough” if it is placed indoors, it is the Left that silencing exited women, it is the Left that lies that abolition is prohibition and some kind of moral crusade instead a radical political movement.

I could on and on and on about how the Left joins with the sex trade lobby to block the abolitionist movement.

The classic blocking method is to claim we must have the sex trade in the name of Freedom of Speech.

This makes no sense – especially when it appears the only people who the Left grant Freedom of Speech are those who gain and/profit from the status quo of the sex trade.

That is the Left are on the side of the oppressor, on the side of the worst capitalistic system ever known.

There is a claim that images of porn should never be banned in the Leftist god Freedom of Speech.

This is nonsense, images are not words, therefore they are not speech.

This concept only works if the viewer or producer of porn stubbornly refuses to see that real harm is being done to real people.

This is done by the Left inventing hate-language to say that women (mainly) inside are not fully human, or the so-called sex is just fake.

This is bullshit, especially with the most common form of porn – free porn on the net.

Consumers of porn want real sex, want real pain, want real degradation – they want porn that grinds women into the dirt.

Consumers of porn will not buy or consume porn that they see is fake – fake porn makes no profit.

But still the Left speak these words of porn – plastic women, only acting, cartoon sex, no harm done.

The Left wants to consume porn – but not have the guilt of knowing that it is real torture, real sexual diseases, real suicides, real rape, real murders that is the life-blood of what they are viewing.

There is no Freedom of Speech for the women inside porn – only penises force down their throats stopping all expression or right to be seen as human.

The Left frames prostitution as sexual liberation, the Whore as the model-rebel.

The Left places the Whore as a goddess, whilst claiming to hate all religions.

The Left called the prostituted sexual outlaws, without asking what we named ourselves or even if we have a right to have a voice they cannot owned.

For the Left speak over the prostituted, speaks through the prostituted, speaks down to the prostituted – never giving the prostituted space and time to speak our own words.

The Leftist male want to own the prostituted, want to claim the prostituted and then use them as any other profiteer/punter would.

This is shown by the Left demand that prostitution be re-framed sex work and placed indoors – with unions, with harm reduction and all others ways the Left can control and speak for the prostituted.

There is no striving for freedom for the prostituted, no place for the voices of the prostituted to be heard – this is no liberation, it just a prison.

But why would the male-lead Left help or even listen to the prostituted – when they can create their own systems of prostitution – and say it is ethical, it is about free choice for the prostituted, it is the utopia that Left-wing men wank over.

For in this fantasy, it is only Right-wing punters/profiteers who are the problem, causing violence and  degradation – and the heroic Left is there to protect the prostituted.

It is a fantasy which is killing the prostituted class each and every hour of each and every day in almost the whole world.

For these Leftist dreams fueled the sex tourism market, are behind legislation of the sex trade in Germany with no laws preventing violence and hate, are behind the division of trafficking and prostitution to hide most violence.

The Left are punters, the Left are managers in prostitution, the Left do produce porn, the Left creates most of the propaganda that makes the sex trade appears just adult fun.

Remember Larry Flynt likes to say he is Left-wing hero – giving porn to working-class men, fighting for Freedom of Speech.

His hero-label cover ups the racism, women-hating, encouragement of child rape in some kind of fight for freedom and sexual liberation.

It is his language that feeds all the Left when is claims that supporting the sex trade is to build a road to sexual liberation.

That road is made of the terror, the raped bodies, the trauma that will go without full justice, the tortures that are carried in our dreams and each cell of every prostituted body.

If you step on that road without hearing our screaming, our racking grief, our fury that you block out all sound – then you are no freedom fighter, or have any understanding of true liberation.

No, you blood-socked and without any human emotion.


17 responses to “Your Sexual Liberation is Our Death

  1. I don’t know what “left” you refer to all I do know is that it has been me and Gavin shuker, another labour MP who have in parliament demonstrated that peostitution is violence against women and that we should legislate to criminalise the men who claim the right to pay to use women’s bodies in this way


  2. Thanks so much Fiona for reading my blog. i have deep respect for you and Gavin brave battle to get justice and dignity for the prostituted. I just wish more of the Left, especially in academia, were understanding as you are.


  3. I dont know which left you are referring to I assume the SWP, but most key figures in the socialist party are women and if you visit our website , you will see none of the views on prostitution you highlighted being espoused in any of our material or publications .


  4. Ray, I do not find the Socialist Party in any way understanding about how to bring about abolition. Instead you listen to groups that back pimps and punters such as ECP and IUSW. Having women as leaders does not make you abolitionist.


  5. Marilyn – of course you can re-blog this post. I was angry in that sentence. It is about the Left turning away from the violence done to the prostituted, and having no empathy for our suffering.


  6. I don’t find the this sex-negative ‘feminism’ empowering at all.

    The United Nations and World Health Organization both support decriminalization.

    Aligning with religious nuts/conservatives does nothing to help women. Let’s have dialogue without shaming people.


  7. Edu, no-one in the abolitionist movement is sex-.negative, partl coz that is a made-up expression, but also because we all support safer and more equal sexual communication and activity. I say nothing to shame people – though I would like more punishment for those who consume or profit from the sex trade.


  8. Hi, its the same/simmilar situation here in Germany. It is a mystery in the German society that the left, progressive part is talking about “freedom of choice” and some compare the “right to be a prostitute” or the “right to do with your body whatever you want” with the right of abortion. Strange. I am surprised. I was been pretty sure, that the situation should differ in the US.
    Interesting to read, that is not!
    I would like to indicate, that the left is inhomogenic at all. What part of the left do you mean? Socialist? Left-Libertarian oder what?

    In Sweden and France the Situation is different. The pro and contra prostitution groups are more or less from left to the right.

    I think, that pros is more a topic of poverty or a social issue, not a feministic one.
    Human trafficing and pimping have increased since the time of the admittance of the poorest european countries in the EU. So we have a comparable Situation from Europe with the US.

    In other words: The rich can f***k the poor. And that cant be the interesst from the left.


  9. As always, right on!
    I have translated your essay in French and it is up here, on RessourcesProstitution:

    Sarah Ditum writes of her year:
    “2014 has been a pretty good year for me and writing. There are three reasons for that. First, I’ve had the attentions of an outstanding editorial team – Helen Lewis and Caroline Crampton at the New Statesman, who say yes bravely and no wisely and whose suggestions often turn into my best ideas. Second, I’ve been able to do a lot of reading, and there’s nothing like spending time in other people’s heads to sharpen up your own.

    “Third, I’ve had feminism – proper feminism, in the form of a group of loving, fierce, intelligent women who constantly provoke and inspire. Michaela Ferguson writes about the importance of taking “pleasure in politics”, and now I know what she means, and I know she’s right.”

    This is what I wish for you to find and enjoy, dear Rebecca.

    Merry X-Mas.


  10. I just read an excerpt of this blog on Deep Green, but in it’s entirety it’s even better. This is so so so good, your voice is so strong and true, thank you so much. Sorry, I just don’t know what to say, you are amazing, you are brilliant, you nailed the truth like I have never seen before, and other complements!!! Thank you so much for your writing! Your writing reminds me of Frederick Douglass.


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