Object AGM

I am very pleased to be invited to speak at the Object AGM. As a survivor of indoors prostitution, I will to my personal views and opinions about attitudes to the prostituted.

I think it is vital that groups like Object are fully behind the Nordic Approach. That is to decriminalised the prostituted, whilst fighting for holistic, long-term exiting projects. This is done alongside making it criminal to buy and sell people as sexual goods.

If we only make the choice to view prostitution from the point of view of the individual prostitute. If all we talk about is the working conditions for the prostituted. Then we are avoiding seeing the simple act that it is male demand that is the root o all the violence done to the prostituted. To refuse to see that is to do nothing to protect the human rights of the prostituted.

For this is a human rights issue. It may be the most important human rights that we have to confront.

It is not an issue of individual choice. It is not an issue of attempting to make the workspace safer. It is not an issue about the empowerment of women.

To fully understand prostitution, we must see we are facing a genocide. An invisible genocide, where the sexual goods are constantly replaced. To fully understand prostitution, you must see the everyday stealing of basic human rights from the prostituted.

This includes no rights over the safety of their bodies. No rights to access to full consent. No rights to freedom of speech. No rights to freedom from torture – including mental, physical and sexual torture. No rights to control their own working conditions.

The Nordic Approach is a good start to giving back the prostituted their full human rights.

If we are to fully tackle the male demand – we must fight to show that no human has the right to buy another human just for his sexual greed. To do this, is to show the prostituted that they can live in a society that can view them as fully human with rights and dignity. To tackle demand, we must tell all men that having sex is not a right, it is a want – tell men it is not even a need. Be clear that no man will or has died from lack of having sex – but millions of the prostituted will and have died to keep the supply of sex for punters.

I want a world with no prostitution. I want a world where there is no form of a sex trade of any kind. I believe that this is possible – but only if we recognise that the road to abolition is hard and slow.

The sex trade profiteers are determined to kill the abolition movement by any means. Know how huge the sex trade is – that it is extremely wealthy, and money creates control and power. Never underestimate how controlling the sex trade is. Always be aware that the sex trade is highly skilled at gas lighting in order to keep their control.

The sex trade is not a natural part of what it is to be human. It was invented by men in order to keep a class of mainly women and children as accessible sexual goods – to be used and thrown away. I believe that anything invented by man can be disinvented and destroyed.

I want to build a world where we can never imagine how we could ever thought that the buying and selling of human for sexual wants was such a good idea.

That would be a world where all the prostituted can walk free and regain their pride.

4 responses to “Object AGM

  1. Rebecca, You words are wonderful. These are the same words that are screaming in my heart. I too want to live in a world where people are not for sale. I don’t want to worry about my children and grandchildren being bought & sold. Thank you for this incredible writing. ❤


  2. Rebecca I am so glad you are doing this! I just wish I could be there with you in physical real life solidarity. In the mean time, I send you equally real love and solidarity from the other side of the world. You are a beacon in this world. One day all of us will indeed be free, thanks very much to women like you!


  3. Thank you for writing this. I’m with you all the way. Everyone needs to be aware of what is happening to the prostituted. We need to abolish sex trafficking and all forms of sexual exploitation.


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