You Are No Man

This is post is addressed to all the men who make the choice to pay for sex, and imagined themselves to be good men – to even think they deserved the right to seen as men.

I speak from the position of being made sub-human, just because men like you made the choice to buy me for your living porn fantasy.

I am sick and tired off hearing punters/rapists – serial rapists mostly – saying they are not cruel, saying they respect the prostituted, saying they would never be those bad punters on the news or in TV police series.

My body knows each and every time a man makes the choice to buy a prostitute – he, for it well over 95%  men who make the choice to be violent to all the prostituted, be they women, girls, men or boys – he will be violent thinking too often he has done nothing of any importance.

No, you are not a man, not fully human if you make the choice to buy any type of prostitute.

I know and hear all around your excuses, your constant whining, your endless pleas that you are the real victim.

Yes I hear your noise, and know with every cell of my body that remembers that you are a liar.

You, the good punter, are a criminal.

You are a rapist – most of you have raped many prostitutes, and walk away as if nothing had happened.

You all have manipulated and mentally abused the prostituted.

You have feed her/him the lie that all the prostitute is worth is to be body parts to service your sexual greed.

You will constantly pushed the prostitute beyond their sexual, physical and mental levels, and then claim it was their choice or the prostitute has somehow manipulated the punter.

Always you are skilled at making the prostitute blame themselves for their own degradation and pain – always you use your charm and entitlement to say any harm done was some kind of accident.

Only all the good punters create these accidents over and over and over – until all that is left of the prostitute is an empty shell.

No, you are no man, certainly not a good man – for you move on to another prostitute and pour your lies and manipulation into him/her.

But, now some so-called good punters are writing about how persecuted they are, how it so unfair to have or even to think of laws that state clearly they are criminals.

They throw themselves down in a tantrum, smashing their fists on the floors, with fake tears –

“But we are the nice men, we are treat our whores with respect – it’s so unfair!!”

These punters print their whining on the net or the media, they shout it on radio phone-ins – and they even write to those who exited prostitution to express how much they are good men.

They do complain too much.

Well, lets at how good you really are.

First, the classic excuse will come charging in – men have to have sex by any and all means – so for men buying sex is a need and a human right.

So, I am to gather that if you the good punter don’t get sex on demand at all times and all places – that you penis will go green and drop off.

Sex is not a human right – yes equal and consensual sex can be wonderful – but it is a want not need.

A need is water, food and shelter. A need is vital to staying alive and having dignity.

Sex is great, but most of the time it is a form of leisure.

Sorry, Mr Good Punter, you will not die from lack of sex – by the way, have you not heard of masturbation?

But to use the feeble excuse of lack of sex to buy another human to be your sexual slave is unforgivable.

So good punter, you have brought the prostitute and now you own her for as long as your money will last.

Do you know or care that she/he is a full human.

Do you know anything of how the prostitute became prostituted?

Do you see bruises, cuts, track marks or dead eyes – do ignore that, do you pretend it is ok coz you never made those wounds – and do you just get your money worth and feel slight guilt after?

Do you see pimps, bodyguard, locks, more punters wanting for their fuck – and think not my problem?

Do feel a slither of sadness that your prostitute cannot speak the home language – but screw them anyhow?

And you still say you are the good punter – heck you don’t even know what being human is.

You should be in jail – you sadist, you serial rapist, you torturer – not going round justifying your hate and violence.

Just know the most hated punter of all – are the ones who think it was just harmless fun.

4 responses to “You Are No Man

  1. Thank you for speaking out about the manipulation, coercion and oppression that enables these men to buy a person like an object. I am 100% behind you beautiful sister!


  2. A good punter would be one who makes a charitable donation to the needy prostituted (just as they donate to the local children’s hospital and food4lifeglobal example) and doesn’t rape or even touch her/him in return for his charity. Is this what you say you did? No? funny that.


  3. if you’re aiming for just not a criminal, as opposed to aiming for ‘good’, then simply not partaking in the exploitation qualifies,sure. But to be ‘good’ you’d have to do something to help (without hurting) as per my previous comment.

    I never claim to be good for walking past and ignoring a homeless beggar, I certainly wouldn’t claim to be good if I gave him/her some money in exchange for letting me kick them in the shin.

    These punter’s concept of ‘good’ is very non existent.


  4. I just wanted to say that I lost my virginity to a prostitute at age 22. This is of course inexcusable, so the following is not meant as an excuse but an explanation. I was really lonely (having no social abilities at all) and depressed at the time and had no-one to trust and no-one to love me. One particularly bad day I got drunk to the point of blacking out a few times and ended up in the red light district and went to a prostitute.

    I deeply regret doing this, as I feel that I’ve betrayed my responsibility to do no harm to other people. In fact the experience has only deepened my depression in the two years to follow, almost to the point of losing my mind and killing myself. As I couldn’t live with myself anymore, I have decided to get psychological help. The rehabilitation is slow and the experience still haunts me.

    Please do not assume that everyone sleeping with a prostitute thinks of prostitution as harmless fun. Do not assume that I think of myself as a “good man”, as in reality I loathe myself. And simply because I am not the real victim here, do not assume that I do not have feelings of my own. (Otherwise, nice blog.)


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