War Makes No Difference

At the moment, there is a meeting in London to discuss rapes in war-zones.

This is wonderful, but always when that subject is raise, it seen as an atrocity that is done to civilians, but not all civilians, never the prostituted class.

Wars are no different for the prostituted class than peace-times.

All the time, the prostituted are raped.

All the time, the prostituted are sexually tortured.

All the time, the prostituted are mentally abused until they are made into nothing.

All the time, death is hanging over the prostituted.

There are some differences in war-zones, but only in matter of scale, only in how it is framed.

Inside any long-term war, it is expected that armed forces have their own brothels.

Brothels in peace-times are hell.

Brothels are not a places of empowered “whores” who can choose their clients.

Brothels are not the House of the Rising Sun with happy hookers lounging around waiting for gentlemen to visit.

Brothels are not places to make easy money quickly.

No, even without brothels are built around the degradation of the prostituted.

Brothels are designed to make the prostituted sub-human, into sexual goods that are lined up for punters to pick and choose.

Punters in brothels are not gentlemen, they are not men that even notice the human inside the prostitute.

Most punters are drunk in brothels, even when sober most punters have their minds full of violent porn that they force into the prostitute’s body.

Whether it is peace-time or not, the purpose of any brothel is to let punters create war on the bodies and minds of the prostituted with no intervention or sense that it is a crime.

The major difference of brothels inside war-zones is the scale.

When brothels cater for armed forces mainly, it is anything goes for sexual, mental and physical done to the prostituted.

It is the place where the armed forces can wind down.

Instead of dealing in a serious manner with the trauma inside many of the armed forces, rather than letting the armed stop enough to see the human in every prostitute – brothels are used as an ineffective shot-term solution to burn out in order to get the armed forces to keep fighting without question.

That is why it is labelled as rest and recreation, an euphemism for rape, sexual torture and murder of the prostituted class.

These brothels keep the prostituted locked away from non-sex trade world.

These brothels allow armed forces to gang-rape, to sexually torture and to murder without restriction.

It is a world that rip up human rights, ignore laws – it is it own country, where the prostituted are sacrificed.

In all war-zones, prostitution goes on as it does in peace-time.

There is still access to street prostitutes, still access to escorts on the net, still sex club.

A country may bombed to hell, may have streams of refugees trying to get out, may be driven back to the stone age – but punters whether armed forces or civilians still must have total access to all aspects of the sex trade.

Sickening, it is not rare that sex trade profiteers gravitate to war-zones, for the demand increases.

But is there any mention of this in London – I doubt it very much.


One response to “War Makes No Difference

  1. thank you big sister. your words spark my heartfire. i posted this to my tumblr blog redhester.tumblr.com. thank you.


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