Impossible to Count

It is impossible to know how prostituted women and girls, and males are murdered by punters and sex trade profiteers.

All I know it is a normal part of life in all aspects of prostitution.

All I know that the shadow of murder becoming a reality, is always with you when you are prostituted.

All I know is that murders of the prostituted is so common and expected that it not news, or even place into statistics.

All I know is those of us who are lucky enough to exit with our lives and sanity are in the minority.

Most of the prostituted are destroyed or killed, or commit suicide which is murder by proxy for the violence of the sex trade is the culprit.

Most prostituted women and girls do not live beyond the age of 27 – this is world-wide, not just in country that is not your’s, these deaths are in your neighbourhood.

It is not know how many prostituted women and girls are murdered – there is estimate that from 12 to 40 times more likely than non-prostituted women and girls of similar background or age.

It is interesting that the last figure of 40 times more likely is from Australia, where indoors prostitution is legalised and meant to be safer.

The reality of being prostituted is to live inside a world where death is everywhere.

It is a world where the prostituted just disappear, and when gone no-one speak of them, it is a world where each prostitute that is made to disappear is replaced by another prostitute.

It is a world where no prostitute is allowed to be an individual, no prostitute can dream of a future, no prostitute is allowed to hold on to being fully human.

It is a world of 3000 years plus of genocide. A genocide made invisible for all the prostituted are made so sub-human that it is not noticed if they die and are replaced.

Why should punters or the sex trade profiteers care if the prostituted are murdered, get too sick to continue, or commit suicide.

To them, all the prostituted are the same – whether high-class escort, inside brothels, street-based or on the internet – just living porn-dolls for men to masturbate into.

The lives of all the prostituted is thrown away in all aspects of the sex trade, in all countries. Nowhere is safe for the prostituted, for no punter or sex trade considered them to be fully human.

I am tired of hearing of the murders of women, and rarely are the prostituted even mentioned as an afterthought.

Prostituted women and girls are in the eye of the storm when it comes to male violence, but their experiences and knowledge is dismissed or made to fit other people’s stereotypes.

There is a piling up of the bodies of murdered prostituted – but still exited are told to be patient whilst all other violence is dealt with, wait until there is full equality everywhere.

We have been waiting or over 3000 years for someone, anyone to care about out constant murders.

We cannot wait for a perfect world, whilst we see and feel the genocide of the prostituted.

Instead, our deaths are made into entertainment – into plot lines for most TV cop shows, made into Disney history of say Jack the Ripper, made into paintings/high art, made into popular songs from traditional jazz to rap.

Our deaths are collected by men who see prostitution as their hobby – they make our deaths into their novels, their films, their philosophy.

Our deaths are made so small that they have no existence. It is nothing happening to no-one.

So our deaths are never counted – we are just the disappeared.

2 responses to “Impossible to Count

  1. Wow! Thank you for your clarity, Rebecca. Spent the weekend translating your Radio 4 address in Fench for the Nordic Model book, then runninit past allies for fine-tuning. They were astounded!


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