Listen to Your Own Words

More and more this blog goes over the mis-use of language when speaking of prostitution.

Language can lift people up, language can grind people into dirt.

Language can build bridges, language can keep the power with a tiny minority.

Language can be used to educate, language can be used to keep the majority in a state of ignorance.

Language can used to heal, language can be used as a powerful weapon of hate.

I want language around prostitution to be a language of change, a language of human dignity, a language framed by human rights and equality.

I want the language of full freedom to belong to all the prostituted class, not just a selected few.

Before I wrote prose, I was a poet.

I learnt through writing poetry, and from reading a wide variety of novels, poetry and plays – that language is about understanding the true meaning of each and every word.

To speak to prostitution, it is vital to hear and truly listen when exited women (and men) say do not use that language, do not use those particular words.

Hear the exited women – do not turn away, do not say we are too damaged to understand why certain words are used, do not translate our words into language that fits your world view.

Stop before you speak or write, and listen to why exited women do not use your language.

Do not speak of prostitution in the realms of labour.

It is not sex work, it cannot be made better with unions or better harm reduction, it not made good by creating worker’s co-operatives.

To framed prostitution in the world of labour is used to keep hidden the male violence that is inside all aspects of the sex trade.

When prostitution is framed as labour, all the blame for any violence is fully placed onto the prostituted, and punter/sex trade profiteer become invisible.

The prostitute on the receiving end of male (and some female sex trade profiteers) violence is blame by –

She is made to blame for not reading the body language of the punter/sex trade profiteer, and being intelligent enough to avoid any violence.

She is made to blame for staying in the violent situation, and not just getting another job in a safer aspect of the sex trade.

She is made blame if she works in isolation or in a group environment with a bad manager.

She is made for not using condoms, for not checking there are adequate safety precautions.

She is made to blame for not reporting rape, not speaking out about violence or trafficking or under-aged prostitutes.

In the framing of prostitution as labour, the prostitute becomes the convenient scapegoat to make all punters and sex trade profiteers violence vanish.

This is a sick joke, this make all exited women sick to their stomachs.

Yes, we constantly bang on about that prostitution must never be framed as sex work/labour.

We are hurt in every cell of our body, hurt to the back of our consciences, hurt back to knowing why it was never labour and always slavery or plain old exploitation.

Think when you frame prostitution as labour – how would you write a job description or frame union rights for the average prostitution?

How would frame the fact that no prostitution has the right to live in safety? Would you just use harm reduction to make it safe enough, with the knowledge there will still be constant raping, battering, torturing and murders of the prostituted?

Would just be framed as the risk of the job?

How would you frame the constant practice of the sex trade profiteers stealing money from the prostituted, or just refusing to pay her?

Would you say it is ok practice to force the prostituted into unsafe or sadist sexual acts, for it can be the only way she can make a living wage or at the least a form of existence?

I cannot get close to the pain and fury that your speaking of sex work does to exited women.

I know we speak out, often with great clarity and strength – but inside there is a silence of knowing what being a slave was, knowing what it is to have no access to the language of consent, knowing what it to destroyed and most turn away for the prostituted are not considered human enough to have rights.

We are silent with disbelief that the punters and sex trade profiteers are made unimportant or to just vanish.

All violence done to the prostituted is made by the male demand, or by those who profiteers by supplying that demand.

No prostitute is to blame for how the sex trade will place her into the line of danger.

No prostitute is to blame for the punters demanding more and more access to destroy her body and mind.

No prostitute is to blame for society making her sub-human.

If you think the prostitute is to blame, then be humble and learn to re-educate yourself  – listen fully to exited women.

This is just beginning of thinking about language – I could go on forever.

Please watch your language.




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