We Do Get Hurt

Again I speak to how language is used to hurt the prostituted class, and to keep us sub-human.

How many times do exited women have to say do not ever use the sex worker.

Do not say migrant sex worker, do not say child sex worker, don’t wrap our pain and fear in those words.

If you really believe it just sex and it can be framed as work – then I want you to be inside escorting or a brothel for six weeks.

I want you to know in your skin the dead terror of never knowing what a punter may do to you.

I want you to be inside the body that cannot have permission to say no even as it knows the sex act will rip into you.

I want to be in the room as you learn no-one will help you, or even give a dam n if you are dead or alive.

Is that what you call work, is that what you call sex?

Know that once you inside the world of prostitution, you have access to the language of consent, no right to safety.

Is that just work?

Tell me is it normal to go to work and know at any time and in any place you will be raped, tortured or murdered?

Tell me if you have a job, do think it would be normal if your work colleagues just disappeared on a regular basis?

Tell me do think work is like that – or is that not the conditions of slavery?

Now tell how you possibly framed prostitution as sex.

Is it that you think sex is only real if there pain and domination?

Is that when you have sex you must be dead inside, forget about your own safety or right to say no?

Is it that you have decided men will die or go insane if they do not have constant supply to sex?

Wow, you have a very low opinion of sex.

I do not have to live in the world created by the expression sex work – I want so much more for the prostituted class.

I want human to be made in sexual goods for the glory of the male orgasm.

I want no more excuse made to say that the prostituted must have “chosen their lifestyle”, so it is easier to just abandoned them.

I want no use of pimp language by academics, by the media, by those using the label sex workers to hide that they are profiteers.

I want to end the divisions between sex trafficking and prostitution – and instead seeing with a clear that the condition are similar, see that all are in the line of male violence and hate.

I want the focus to be away from the prostituted, and to shine an interrogating light onto the punters. See it their greed and demand that it the real cause of the hell that is named prostitution.

I want the punter to be afraid of punishment and stigma.

I want to be seen with a clear eye that all punters are doing an act of violence by making the choice to buy another human as sexual goods.

I want it to be known that the vast majority of punters will be violent – that is mentally physically or sexually – to the prostitute.  For the punter see the prostitute as goods that he owned and has full control – he see no humanity in the prostitute.

I know I want a lot – coz I the simple thing that all the prostituted class is made fully human, and granted freedom from torture and fear.


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