This is Torture

11 responses to “This is Torture

  1. I am so sorry for all you endured. There are no words that seem adequate. Thank you for your courage in sharing what happened to you. You ARE human. You have just as much worth as anyone else. Nothing can reduce or take that away, nothing. I am so sorry you were made to feel that way, so sorry for everything you went through.


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  3. Abdul, no prostitution should not be fully legal and put into zones. That would make the violence carry on as normal, but just hidden from public interference. We should be decriminalising the prostituted whilst making it a crime to buy and sell the prostituted. It is the supply and demand that is the problem.


  4. II must admit to having visited prostitutes. Deep down I knew that I was doing wrong, but I justified things by telling myself there is consent, fair trade, and other placations.

    When I read articles like this I feel so guilty. I do think that maybe, in some way, the universe paid me in kind by nudging me towards the recklessness that ultimately lead to the accident that robbed me of my testicles.

    I wouldn’t say a retribution. More like a re-balancing.


  5. I just wonder why when i say that men should be hard punished,that no women should be attacked for hating men sounds like a horrible crime,even for women.They can hate us a lot and we should pretend nothing is happening,smile and forgive…the more i read,the more i see how cruel such way of thinking is…we are not but smiling slaves…


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